Saturday, August 1, 2009

What I'm Up to on Saturday

The day started out with going to get a hair trim and that always makes me feel better! Then I moseyed over to the quilt shop and looked around, wishing I could quilt.....LOL and drooling over all the new fabric and sewing machines they had there. I resisted a new Janome........

The kind lady at the quilt shop knows me by now and she said "honey, it's easy. Come here when we are having a beginners quilt class, which is soon, and I will show you how to get started." That's all she had to say to convince me that I absolutely need to get my table up downstairs and prepare for this quilt lesson! Now, who in the world will I give these projects too, I have no clue, but I will be learning hopefully and soon!

After that, I went over to several thrifts shops and then decided it was time to treat myself to a pedicure with a foot massage and reflexology. This is the best medicine you can buy! Promise! Take my word for it and get one this week. You simply must!

This week I added a little sign over my dining room area buffet and table. I absolutely love it! My pics are blurry but this gives you a general idea. Do you see the big picture on the right wall?

I thought I would show you this oil painting. We keep a light on it almost always as it has darkened a bit since........1882. Yes, this is a painting that we cherish alot from my hubby's Dutch family. His great, great aunt painted it. We always said that this was interesting because her initials are exactly like mine. The date is on it as well. There are some tiny flecks of paint that have come off over the years and we really need to have it restored a bit but haven't looked into that yet. When we bought our house, this spotlight was already in the corner and we knew right away that this was the perfect spot. We don't know the history of where she was when she painted this. Her name was Jentjkie Dalenberg, also called Jennie. We do know that Jennie never married and painted this in her younger years.

This is a closer view of the sign.

Oh, and I threw in a pic (although a bit yellowish) of my pink toes from my pedicure today!

Now look at this lovely treasure that came in the mail yesterday. Remember, back about 5 weeks ago I told you that I was getting Heart of America by Little House Needleworks? Although it took a while to get here, it's here finally and the colors are beautiful. 30 ct Creek Bed Brown linen and Crescent Colors threads.

The frame is so beautiful.

And not much stitching completed on Jonah here but last night at the stroke of midnight I got to here~~~~I will say that this is the stiffest linen I've ever stitched on. Seriously, I turned off the TV late last night and while I was stitching each thread, you could hear the needle squeek through the linen farely loud. It has alot of "drag" to me. I'm using a 26 John James needle so this should be adequate for 35 ct. But the linen is so stiff that I'm getting good tension even without a Qsnap.

I'm still playing with my fat quarters of oranges and tans. I'm imagining tonight what I will make with these. Not much pumpkin in my house but oh they are so early Fallish and pretty!

And as unhealthy as this is, couldn't resist these treats from Walmart today while grocery 3, and have 2 left......oops! Hubbie picked out the chocolate covered with sprinkles and I chose the chocolate covered with nuts.

Hope you had a great Saturday and found some fun things to do!


  1. Looks like a great Saturday! The oil painting is a treasure!

  2. The oil painting is a treasure! I absolutely love your sign! Where did you get it? Congratulations on taking quilting classes! I need to pull my stuff out and get busy with some quilting again!

  3. Oh, I got this sign from a little shop between Cleveland and Dahlonega called Bessie Mae's Cottage. Its really cool. In a little house off of hwy 115.
    She has the coolest vintage stuff in there. I love to look around.
    There's something about Fall coming up that just coaxes me to learn to make a quilt! LOL

  4. Hi Jennifer - I got your comment about the trade, but your email didn't come through, and I can't find it on your blog. Can you email me at sweetpeastitches @ Thanks!

  5. Wooohooo!!! A quilting class! YEAH! :o) You'll do great! Love the sign...I love how that whole area is decorated! And the painting...fabulous! Pedi huh??? I hardly ever treat myself...maybe I will follow suit! :o)


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