Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Creativity, a gift

Browsing through an old book of mine called Seasons of the Heart, I noticed several passages that have remained meaningful to me. This one includes:

Creative activity immerses us fully in the here and now, and at the same time it frees us.

We become one with the activity and are nourished by it. We grow as the activity grows. We

learn who we are in the very process of not thinking about who we are.

by Karen Casey

I just love this passage. It really explains how I feel about stitching. It's a grounding point for me. And in this day and time of so many life stressors, I need this grounding point! And through this creativity, I have made so many friends who share this same sense of creativity~~~~very, very talented folks.

I feel it is a sheer honor to be able to read and visualize the creativity of so many people. The internet has opened that access to tap into the creativity atmosphere. Sometimes I don't know if its the texture of the linen, the colors of the threads, or the sense of accomplishment that stitching brings each day, but I do know its the one constant that is a positive in my life.


  1. Ditto to that! (and welcome to my blog too....)

  2. Amen...I agree whole heartedly! I also don't know what it is, about stitching, but I think it is the one thing that is just "mine" that I do each day for myself....

  3. I love that passage!!! It is soooo very true! Love it! :o)


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