Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

This has been THE longest week and I feel like certainly this should be Friday by now!

Honestly, some days are just forever. And have you ever had one of those days when you just put your foot in your mouth over and my best friend Dot says....."oh, my lands!"

This is Dot's favorite comment on everything. Quite humerous.

She is a sweetie though.

Today was one of those days, so I have retracted myself back into my coccoon and hopefully will tactfully make it through the rest of the day.

Got done early from work today and when I got home there were the two most beautiful butterflies I've ever seen. Right when I needed it. Lifting my spirits, just flitting around in a harmonious way near our front porch, while Thomas and Raven just lay casually by and enjoyed the atmosphere of the mountainous cool breeze. And that just canceled out all the nuisances of the day. Butterflies always represent hope to me. My favorite are the pale yellow monarchs. I could literally hold them in my hand this afternoon and thought how fortunate I was to live in a quiet place with all this natural beauty. We have several huge butterfly bushes so that's the attraction for here.

Well, after visiting Tanya's blog and seeing that utterly divine bacon wrapped chicken she posted, I am trying it for dinner. I didn't have the nuggets so I wrapped lots of thin bacon around boneless chicken breasts and smell them baking right now. YUMMY!

Then, we will have fresh tomatoe slices and butterbeans cooking now on the stove.

Dessert is open right now. We will make our first trip to the new Walmart for groceries and I know I will find a cupcake or something yummy and fresh for a late night snack. Hope to do some more stitching on Jonah's Hornbook tonight.

So, enjoy your evening, stay safe.


  1. I took the girls to Wal-Mart yesterday. It is nice and clean, I only wish they still had the fabric center!

  2. Yes, hubbie said he took the 5 minute tour when it opened and that it was really nice, large isles, huge. We may go tonight. I've got lazy now after I ate, cleaned up supper and went for our walk but I'm sitting here thinking about the bakery area, so I may have to go visit. LOL
    I wish they had a fabric center too. I mean, I know we aren't the only people in White County that sew and stitch! Goodness.
    There is a place in Dahlonega at the quilt shop that sells DMC for 60 cents a skein when at Hobby Lobby its 35 but ......oh I wish they had threads here too. The lady at the fabric area at Dahlonega Walmart told me this summer that they were going to discontinue theirs by Dec. so I"m on the lookout for that. They stopped selling DMC but still have some fabrics. Of course the quilt shop is close to where I get my hair cut.....and its divine.....and I have an appt on Sat so ........I will try not to get any more fat quarters but its so convenient.


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