Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wallie World visit tonight

Our after dinner entertainment tonight consisted of driving to the new Walmart. Even though it's a 15 mile round trip from our house, it seems like any other country mile, just really a hop and a skip, as they say.

I was already prepared for the sheer excitement. I've been to Walmart before, all kinds of Walmarts but this one is so close to us now, I just pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. Silly, I know, for city girls, but for about 8 years now, Walmart nearby was only a dream.
I'll have to say you could probably drive a car down the aisles they are so big and wide! Nice, very nice. There is a nice, large Subway in it as well. If anything, now it's the social center for our little town.

I didn't think they would have any sewing supplies or crafts but guess what??????? They do!!!!!! Now, they didn't have any bolted fabric but they actually had needles, basic ribbons, buttons, pins, and even a few fat quarters! And they had several jelly rolls (not the bakery kind), and after doing the happy dance in the aisle and making the Body Guard totally embarrassed amongst his 5 cop friends at the store, I picked up this small bundle because I immediately loved the colors.

Have you ever just been into a certain color for like.........a week or so? maybe a month? What is that about? Anyway, I'm drawn to the soft, orangy colors this week. Orange has been my least favorite color but these colors are muted and more of a pumpkin color. I have no idea what to do with these as quilting is foreign to me but I will try to do something with these cuties.

Anyway, had to show you. Now isn't this pitiful to be so excited about a new Walmart? LOL

So, we came home and enjoyed our Key Lime Pie we got for a bedtime snack tonight. I'm a little hyper now from the sugar and hoping to settle down with some stitching before bedtime. That usually helps me a little. Crossing those threads are kinda like hypnosis by midnight! ;)

Have sweet dreams tonight and until next time~~~

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  1. Your post cracked me up so much because that's how I felt when the Walmart was built virtually down the street from us. There is just something so much fun about going into that store and finding something you like for such a great price! Love the fabric that you picked up. I don't know if ours has fabric or not - I haven't made it that far. When I have the kids with me I try to get out before they try to burn my charge card out! LOL


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