Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday morning, the best

Sunday mornings are the best when I remembered the night before to make lunch in the slow cooker. This is a wee one. I love it just for the two of us, it's a perfect size. Problem is this........I slept late.....really late and so we will have pork chop stew instead.
I put in 3 really thick boneless pork chops and 1 whole sweet Vidalia onion, large size, some Lawreys seasoning salt and coarse black pepper.

And my coffee is ready now.........I think I will make it to the perculator!

And my final thoughts while I sip my coffee Brandon safe right now? Is he terribly hot? Is he drinking enough water? Will he be ok today? and finally, Brandon, I love you.


  1. Wow, you inspire me :) I am now craving porkchops LOL. You use a percolator? Now that is cool. Enjoy your morning cup :)

    Praying for Brandon, and for all the intentions that you hold in your heart, friend.

    Have a great day!

  2. yes, I use a perculator. I started using one of those about 3 years ago and love it. It really is very quick and the coffee tastes better to me. I got mine at Walmart for about 35 bucks.
    That design above my perc is from The Sampler Girl's blog.

  3. Thanks for the info., I love the sampler, LOL but got so side tracked by your percolator.....short attention span :) hmmm I am intrigued, now I am off to see her blog....thanks :)

  4. hey, Karyn, look back in her blog a long while back because this was one of her freebies a long while back. Sometimes the freebies are still on the blog but for the most part I think she puts 1 a month on her blog. She's having a good sale too, by the way!
    Yes, leftover Key Lime pie and 3 cups of coffee for breakfast! I know thats not healthy, but.....sometimes its just fun to eat leftover pie in the morning.

  5. I buy Propel packs to send to the soldiers to flavor their water! I just cannot imagine....


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