Monday, July 27, 2009

In My Stitching Basket Today

Well, here is my start of Jonah's Hornbook by The Sampler Girl. I'm using the DMC floss that is called for in the pattern and the 35 ct linen.
I'm trying to get this one done before the Little House Needleworks Heart of America comes in the mail. I just remembered today that the linen called for is Creek Bed Brown for this one and I don't have it in my stash, so will be on my list of things to get soon. I need to speed up the needle a little this week!
Oh, I wanted to take a pic of our items we got at auction this weekend but after putting in a corner of the basement all together, they are kinda jumbled on top of each other literally right now.
Of course, this adds to the "honey-do" list, to help move all this stuff around. He did clean them out before moving in. I try not to add too much to the "honey -do" list at one time ;)
Today was a very busy Monday. We went for our usual walk and the long hills were especially tiresome after a busy day just does the body the milk commercial.
I know everyone will laugh at this but I'm getting absolutely and totally giddy over Walmart coming to our area! I can tell this will be a love-hate relationship, our Walmart, as I do love Walmart but at the same time, the commute will probably be longer to work now with the traffic due to location. I may be taking a little longer way to work now just to avoid it. On the other hand, I will be excited to have a local place to shop for groceries besides Ingles. And if they have a craft/sewing center, I will probably jump up and down right in the front of the store and embarrass the Body Guard to tears! No, just kidding here.........but then again..........
Until next time....


  1. Our Walmart is a dump but that said, I do go there sometimes for certain things. I'm a Target girlie though - that places gets me doing happy dances. LOL


  2. Great start on Johah's Hornbook!

  3. I am glad we are finally getting a Wal-Mart too. Where else can anyone afford milk these days? :) But I am disappointed that Wal-mart has discontinued their fabric and DMC.

  4. Tanya, we have 2 super Walmarts that were built in local cities in the past few years but the nearest one is a 45 mile round trip or more so this one is.......7.5 miles from my house. I've already measured. That
    s how much I like it.
    When I'm at work and can take a longer break at work, preferably Fridays, I like to go to the Target they have and get popcorn and look around. I love their sheets and linen dept. I have a room upstairs thats a shabby chic room. Hubbie calls is shabby....well...better not say.....LOL

  5. I love Jonah's have opened up a whole new world of stitching canvases for me....who knew there was life beyond janlynn kits LOL :)

    I looove Walmart and Target, but the popcorn is what gets me loving my Target too! On a busy day, 5 minutes to chill with a large Target popcorn and a cherry cola Icee is pure heaven! Congrats on your new Wally's. :)


  6. I too have a love/hate relationship with Walmart. So in the long run I rarely go. :) I hope your new one soen't cause too many problems once the novelty wears off.
    I can't wait to see more progress on your hornbook. Looks good so far.
    I also hope you took pity and left the Elderberry alone. Maybe just a little trim?


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