Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Can I Get Into Today

Well, Miss Abbie has been a very good girl. She sleeps through the night. No barking or whining and ate her breakfast well this morning. She has done well with her potty papers.
We play with her after she eats and she loves it. She is teething though and her little needle-like teeth hurt so we have to keep her some chew toys around.
We hold Ren and love him too. He is back to no dogfood, just human food, so chili and potatoe for him last night from Wendy's made him happy!

The sun is out today. Yesterday and today, the weather has been absolutely beautiful! I think the high yesterday was 68 and no clouds at all.
There are a trillion leaves on the ground though and BG is working with the leaf blower right now pushing them back into the woods. I know alot of people burn leaves but I have a big fear of fire so he patiently just uses the leafblower for the enormous amount of leaves we have.

I have been craving cinnamon lately. This morning made some cinnamon and brown sugar/buttered toast and also cheese toast with our coffee.

I'm in the mood today for baking. Maybe some pumpkin bread or pumpkin pies or who knows?
A trip to town is also in store so I'm making my list from the pantry.

Last week when I was at Walmart (one out of town) they had the best Christmas shop ever with all kinds of baking papers to wrap up gifts in. Very handy stuff if you know alot of folks to give to.

I know it's early but like I said last night, I want to pull out my Christmas/winter village and put it together. It's almost like playing with a dollhouse to me. I got some more bags of snow last week and this year I''m adding a dog kennel, a man cutting wood, and a small round train track.
The town is growing each year!!!! ;) I usually put it all together by mid-November through 1st week of January. At night when we turn the lights down and see the lit-up village, it's really pretty.

Here's hoping your Saturday is fun-filled!



  1. Sounds like a relaxing type of day. Enjoy!

  2. Craving cinnamon? ummm. I am craving pickles...uh oh!!! ;)

  3. Sounds like you had a very nice day. I love cinnamon, too and I am twitching to put up the holiday stuff.


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