Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look what the stork brought~

Today after work, and after dropping off drycleaning (blah), went by the quilt shop to get DMC floss I needed for some ornies. Now, I thought I had EVERY single color by DMC but nope, the ones I needed for the Christmas ornies were not in my box so....here are the precious, and I mean precious DMC skeins. They charge 3 times Michael's so I'm thinking about doing inventory and doing a one day trip to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and stocking up instead of these uh oh moments. This is the closest place that carries DMC to my house and that's a 50 mile round trip.

It's getting together. Here are the floss colors for the pretty pink ornie, Little Women by The Sampler Girl. The stork scissors are helping me. I thought that was pretty appropriate for the week. LOL I think I got way too much fabric but maybe I'll make two.
Because Miss Abbie is very playful after work. She is in motion alot! She has yodeling in her kitty cubicle down to a patent. She's so soft to hold.

She's tired right now. I played with her for 2 hours and held her 1 hour. She just won't give it up and go to sleep. She's afraid she will miss something.

I had some emails about what type dog she is. She is a long-haired Chihuahau puppy. White with light brown markings (real light). Her mommy's name was Ashby Rose and her daddy Stormin Norman.........registered Chi's. Tiny right now and probably will be 3-4 lbs at maturity. She has ALOT of hair. I have bathed her twice and her hair is wavy when wet. She loves the blow dryer on warm setting as long as her head is tucked under my arms.
Her pink ears are so cute....
Went by Walmart today to find some ribbon. I found everything but the particular ribbon I needed. Way too much. The whole store smelled of cinnamon.
They had bags of cinnamon pine cones which so got me in the mood for Christmas!
I went into the Christmas shop and had to peak at their Christmas village stuff. I had a piece or two each year. I'll have to take a pic of the "dog kennel" and wooden picket fence and tree I got to add to the village.
I got Mr. Ren a sweater, navy blue, quite stoic actually! LOL
Speaking of the village, it's time to put it up soon, real soon. I spend more time on the Christmas village than I do the tree. I have been collecting for 15 years and it's quite a spread now.
We both love it!

Bye now!


  1. Aww...Auntie Parsley loves baby Abbie. You need to post one of Ren in his sweater so you don't play favorites. LOL

  2. Little Abby is the sweetest puppy ever!

    I know what you mean about precious DMC...I try to support my LNS though!

    Take care.

  3. You gotta love new stash but I hate having to pay more than I should have to for something. Boo Hiss on the high price of DMC at your store.
    Abbie is just the cutest thing. Looks like she'd need sunscreen in the summer, she's so pink!

  4. Ok, ok, I will post Ren tomorrow night. He was a bit grumpy for me to wake him to go out in the rain. He is used to going out to the potty but when it rains......he doesn't want to go unless we hold an umbrella over his head......funny old man!
    I held him too tonight and he just leaned over on me. He is a sweetie too but gettting so old.

    Yep, I didn't realize I needed it until last night but at 80cents a skein for DMC that's alot compared to Michaels at 30 cents.
    I need to get a pick of Abbie from the back, cause she has thick thick hair their. Man, if all that grows real long we'll be in for grooming regularly.
    Right now, she is melting the heart of DH while I blog a bit.

  5. Love the fabric and can' wait to see the ornies!

    Auntie Parsley is right - we need some pics of Ren too - playing favorites isn't fair!LOL!

    Do Ren and Abbie ever get close enough to catch a pic of them together?

  6. Awesome stash find! I love those colors :) and let's not forget to mention Miss Abbie who is beyond adorable and amazing. :)

  7. DMC is cheaper at Hobby Lobby by 4 cents per skein. Forget Michael's.


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