Thursday, November 12, 2009


Expressing myself in blogging, especially the LOL has been a topic of discussion today in an email evidently for this blog. I don't put disclaimers on this blog because it's really my expressions of life, stitching, family, current events. I can understand bloggers who are offended easily by my political expressions, Afghanistan opinions, etc. However, up until this day I have had no negative comments on the topic. I know everyone has their own opinions and I do appreciate you reading and listening and putting up with me talking about the war.

But I do not understand how my inserting the term "LOL" into my blog is annoying unless you expect me to be without emotions and this dear friend, is impossible. How you express yourselves are well.......up to you.

But just for verification and to relieve the minds of Monica and her friends, I will disclaim that when I insert the term LOL into my blog, you can be rest assured that I am not telling you to laugh as I know you can do that at your own will. I insert the term LOL when I am laughing myself and sharing humor when I post. And right now, I need to laugh.

Other ways LOL could be interpreted are Little Old Lady, and on and on. I won't go into all the other blogging etiquette issues.

I'm not an expert writer, blogger or publisher and I do not take offense to this criticism; however, I felt that since it was important enough to one individual and her needlework group to discuss at their meeting last night, then I must clarify here and make a disclaimer:

I write to share my life and my stitching as a journey. If it does not appeal to you or particularly if you are annoyed with it, simply do not click on my blog's site.

I understand I may lose all my readers but I reserve the right to laugh and to express my emotions in my journal of blogging.

But this was the email I got this morning:

Hi Jennifer – I love your blog and your puppies – Miss Abbey is like a little pocketful of sugar – so tiny, white and sweet. I just wanted to email you instead of putting this on your blog, which I thought would be a little rude. I was with my ANG group last night and we all visit your blog and something was mentioned that I had been thinking and yet was surprised that others felt it, too. That is, the constant insertion of the LOL telling us when to laugh is a little bit annoying in your blogs. We know you are being comical and we enjoy your humor and irony but the LOL is way overused and we know you are laughing and want us to laugh and we get it. so I thought I would just drop you a line in case it was off-putting to others, too. You have a fun blog and, unlike some, you update frequently and that makes it even more fun to visit regularly so I hope you don’t mind this little word. Not meant to offend, just to share what may be a helpful criticism. Of course, you can just tell me to MYOB and I respect that! thanks for listening and have a great day!
So my disclaimer today will include that if I use abbreviations, it's not to tell you to do something, its' simply my expressions. Oops, one more disclaimer. When I use the word "Body Guard" or BG, this is not a personal body guard. This is my husband whose identity will remain anonymous.
Ok, on to the rest of my day.........a glass of wine early today may be in store..........


  1. You sure won't lose this reader. You are great!!

  2. It boggles the mind what people will take the time to be annoyed about! I hope you take Monica's "helpfull critism" with a grain of salt!!! LOL!!!!

  3. Let me catch my breath first, and say "Oh no you didn't!"

    And now to my thoughts...first of all, I also use LOL in my blog as a symbol of my own laughter as well, it's my way of saying, "I am laughing at myself or this situation," I also am in no way asking others to laugh, just like you sweet friend. WE are the norm, the healthy and Godly women who span the blog world and have the praise worthy ability to laugh out loud for the sheer joy of releasing emotion, and whether any other person who reads your blog agrees is just their own opinion, and ONLY their opinion. Your blog, your voice and anyone who assumes the role of blog police is not only out of line but trollish indeed.

    WE write our blogs for OURSELVES and only invite others to join us, so to whomever wrote that email I say, "Find your voice and LOL, you might even enjoy it if you let yourself, don't be so uptight darlin', it is after all just a blog."

    Hugs and keep up the great blogging, friend....and most importantly LOL as often as you can while pushing the delete button!

    Life is too short to stay a prune :)

  4. Oh ya...I love you and your blog!

  5. wow....sad to know someone took the time to write that email to you ...sad to know you had to take the time to clarify yourself on your own blog about the email... i too use the term lol on my blog...its MY term saying I am laughing at something...a snicker if you will...And I will continue to write lol when I am blogging...its my blog so if they dont like my writing, I guess they wont need to read

  6. You have got to be kidding me. Well then she needs to write that same e-mail to about a 100 other bloggers too. Oh, let me correct that...maybe thousands or more.
    But don't worry, I get e-mails all the time about my blog, I've mispelled words, used the wrong "saying", my music stinks, on and on. I figure if it annoys them so much to write a note, they can just click the X button at the top of the screen a whole lot faster than finding my e-mail and writing the note.
    LOL away my dear and let Monica and her needlework group discuss away since they are so high brow and knowledgeable on blogs and popular culture in general.

  7. I have just learned about the LOL. I understood it to mean you are laughing out loud as you type something.

    I'm sorry to say this but that email was inappropriate. What a trival thing to be annoyed by. Life's too short. If someone's opinions or written expressions annoy, stop reading and spend time doing something else. Our blogs are not required reading.

    But, that's just MY opinion. LOL

  8. P.S. I love that you express your opinions, even political ones. Who cares if you don't align yourself to their leanings on issues. It's your blog, your journal, your away without shame of being you.


  9. Wow! I am amazed that they had nothing better to talk about at their stitching group! How silly to think that you were "telling them when to laugh"! That made me LOL!! There is a saying - something to the effect of "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people"

  10. Umm I couldn't believe this woman's - can't think of the word I want and the fact that her whole group was discussing your blog and the fact you say LOL. They should go out and GET A LIFE!

    The only reason I don't use LOL is because I'm sure people would think it does stand for Little Old Lady. Okay I'm not so little but I am vertically challenged.

    Well I personally LOVE your LOLs and I do know you are laughing out loud so there let them put this in their pipes and smoke it!

    Okay rant over.

    LOL (that stands for Lot of Love)
    Patti xxx

  11. This might be the reason I prefer French stitching blogs...I think your blog is wonderful just the way it is!


  12. I've never noticed you using LOL in your blog. Perhaps they have too much time on their hands and they're thinking way too hard. But it's your blog, your perogative (sp?). It's nobody's business whether you use it in your blog. If reading something annoys you, why keep reading it? It's better to move on then to say something that could possibly hurt your feelings.

  13. Jennifer, you won't lost this reader either. I've never been put off by the use of LOL at all. I know that you're enjoying what your writing and whether it's a joke or something funny that happened to you, LOL expresses it perfectly. I don't think you expect that your LOL's are like sitcom laugh tracks for us to follow - you're laughing at yourself, your life and the crazy things that happen. Where would we all be if we can't laugh - at ourselves or with others. Keep posting whatever you think Jennifer - it's your blog and your opinions and that's what blogs are for. Unfortunately, I seem to miss some of your posts because sometimes you post more than once a day, but I always enjoy catching up.

    BTW, I think that I used LOL a few times in my latest blog post - I hope that I didn't offend anyone. But I suppose she's entitled to her opinion too and at least used tact and sent you an email.

  14. I read your blog regularly but have only commented once. I have a son in the service so I can relate to much of what you write about. I will continue to read your blog and I say you tell her to MYOB

  15. I use LOL ALL THE TIME when I post om my blog, like you it's a chuckle over something I found humorous. Oh, someone once posted that they were annoyed because I use...instead of a . at the end of some of my sentences...I thought that that poster needed a LIFE, just like the group that emailed you, LOL!!!

    You won't lose me either. Love your blog.

  16. I think your blog is awesome! I agree with you, if someone is offended, then don't read that blog again! It all comes down to free agency and living in a free country....

  17. So sorry that you are getting emails or comments like that on your blog.

    You will not lose this reader.

    I stand behind you and think that you, Ren, Abby and BG are great.
    Just keep being you!!!

  18. Seriously? These ladies had nothing better to talk about? How sad. You will not lose this reader. I enjoy your blog, and many of your political views are the same as mine. Even if they weren't, people should respect you for putting yourself out there like you do and standing up for what you believe in.

  19. I am rereading this only because I still am amazed at how the anomity of the internet gives courage. I feel compeled to post LOL, OMG, ROFL and whatever acronyms for emotions I can find even more through my posts. Keep on posting and I'll keep on following.


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