Monday, November 9, 2009

A Busy Monday

I zipped over to Pet Smart at lunch and found the gate pen thingie we needed for Abbie. It will make a rectangle for days when we have to work (and we want to keep our house from being chewed up)
Also got these:

a pink patent tiny collar
a charm for her collar
a tiny red velvet dress with a few sequins for Christmas
a pet carrier, of course pink---she is going with us to Chicago in December. Her Uncle Paul already has her treats, home-made.
a Gingerbread man squeekie toy

She is taking well right now to a kitty cubicle for her sleeping space. She likes it alot. It's lined in fleece and her cozy spot.
Ren is doing well, doesn't mind her at all. I think he might not know the difference between her and a squeek toy.

I'm in search for any dog clothes sewing patterns if you know of anyone that would like to sell theirs let me know!
I'm not a professional seamstress but I think I might could make her some things. Probably 3 outfits a fat quarter! !LOL

Now, that I have her set up, I will definitely be back to stitching tonight.

My new sewing machine is computerized and of course I can't get it to sew a straight line, I can get the numbers for zigzags and all other sorts, so review of the CD will be in order tonight for sure. I know, DUH!!!!!

I just heard we are going to be getting floods sometime tonight around 1am and tomorrow will be bad, bad weather with all the flooding. Gosh, this is weird weather!

Gotta run.....


  1. I will keep a good thought for you that you don't suffer too much as a result of flooding!!

  2. She will be one fashionable little puppy!

    I hope you stay safe and dry!

  3. Jennifer,

    I just now saw your new baby news. She is a sweet lil thing. :) Is she a smooth Chihauhua or a long haired?

    I can't wait to see more photos of her. How is Ren adapting to her in "his" house? :)


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