Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cinnamon Coffee.....Yummy!

Finally started finishing some ornies tonight after supper. No cooking tonight. We had great barbeque pork, cole slaw, fries and beans from a local restaurant. So, more time to play with my sewing machine.

I knew that this would be my backing material but I had the idea to put some whole cinammon sticks into the pinkeep after I sewed on the backing for a great scent. I wanted to grundge up the appearance. So, I just popped open my coffee maker and reached in for some leftover coffee grounds and I rubbed them in the fabric randomly. As I rinsed, I remembered in a fleeting moment that I substituted the vase color in a Crescent Color thread which is not color-fast, so I continued on and it didn't run into the fabric.......well, let's say I got a little agressive with the grounds. Some of my threads are mushed from ironing. I think I ironed a bit much.

Freebie design from The Sampler Girl's Blog for November

DMC and Crescent Color threads

fabric 30 ct Vintage Examplar, coffee-stained by me

At first I planned to put a bunch of cinnamon sticks into the pinkeep but, this turned out too bumpy looking so I just put the stuffing and then put 3-4 sticks inside and with the coffee smell and then the cinnamon, it was yummy!

Here's the backing fabric.

So, onward now to finishing another ornie. I did find out that my new Singer machine goes at the speed of light. :0

I'm sure there is a place to slow it down but I have to find it. I'm loving the auto thread part of the machine! With this machine, it was zip, zip, zip and it was done!

I'm already dreaming about cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow~~~~~


  1. What a great job! It's a darling ornament and mmmmm.... I love cinnamon, too - especially cinnamon rolls in the morning!

  2. I love your ornie and the colors are so rich....I love your creativity, as I never would have thought to add cinnamon! I can just imagine how awesome your house smelled between the ornie and the perc....just what was needed to calm the nerves and settle the soul.

    I am with Terri....warm cinnamon rolls in the morning is the best....and someone to clean up the kitchen after you make them....perfect!

    Hugs sweetie...enjoy your day :)

  3. That looks so nice. I love the idea of stuffing cinnamon sticks inside a finish.

  4. Ymmm, I can smell that ornament already. What a fantastic idea. And I love your coffee job on it. Really makes it look like an old, loved piece.

  5. So pretty! And I love the cinnamon sticks idea.


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