Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th in Afghanistan

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This is an audio from NPR. There are also pictures at that site for this audio that are just so absolutely horrible that I cannot understand why Obama is still not at least sending enough people to help the ones we have over there while he "decides" on his strategy. I just heard on CNN that about 70% of America is not supportive of this war. Also the top headlines read over and over today that the morale of the army is at the lowest ever in Afghanistan. They have 1 counselor per 700 soldiers. One counselor.
And families over here do not get the help they need either. Period.

A very nice counselor (honestly) came to a unit meeting (monthly family support) and told us back in July that she would love to help at any time and to please call her but she was the only counselor assigned for the entire northern part of Georgia for the National Guard and she kindly said to please call her but it would be at least a month before she could even return our call. However, she would love to discuss things with us.

The military has a ways to go with mental health. Just keeping it real here.

I will have to say that the pictures were very upsetting at the NPR site but to hear the audio really is shivering. But, we as Americans cannot blindly go and brush things under the rug. I'm still amazed at people I run across with from day to day who still think that Afghanistan is safer than Iraq right now.

NPR site is really good for news. It's better updates and pictures than we get from the unit monthly newsletter........much better information.
I'm very frustrated with Obama today. Very frustrated.
One of the top headlines also talks about his trip to Asia this week. I thought it was all political. Nope. It's a family visit with his half-brother and wife who live in China. So, I guess this is another "working" vacation for him while we all sit and wait patiently for his decision.

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