Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Peace

At one point in time tonight, at the same time....... I had 2 Labs howling on the front porch in tune with sirens on the highway, 1 senile Chichi whining at the stove waiting for dinner, 1 baby, baby Chichi yodeling because I was vacuuming and not paying attention to her. It was a real riot.

But, now, we have our home. Watching the world news tonight and the interviews of our political and war situations demonstrate that the chaos is growing though. The Fort Hood tragedy this week is causing more awareness of the mental strain in the military. If you watch TV, you think the military takes care of all family members but the truth is they have about 1 counselor for a hundred people or more and parents aren't included in much of anything. It's an area they really need to work on.

I'm not getting any stitching done today as I thought. After Abbie finishes chewing the computer cord, I guess I will get to stitching...LOL

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