Friday, August 21, 2009

Thrifty Friday!

Came home from work and my honey is turning all the change he has collected in this huge radioshack container to rolls. He sweetly said that I could use it for a sewing machine for my birthday coming up soon! WOOHOO! Guess how much he rolled? $450.00 WOW!
I have a sewing machine that I use occasionally but it's actually my daughter's so now I can pick out my own and she can get her machine when she comes home.
I'm so excited! I don't need a really fancy machine but this will certainly make picking a basic one out a reality now!
Lucky Friday!
I have collected the names of the participants in the giveaway and will announce tomorrow morning. Thanks for your participation!
Planning to clean more this weekend so stitching may be slow this weekend. I just have to clean up this messy house! Clutter is driving me nuts!
Do you have ORTS around your house, you know the little strings that attach to your clothes, the floor, your pets, everywhere. For some reason, Ren likes to eat the DMC. Watching your dog poop DMC is quite interesting. LOL
Ren just drank a gallon of water so I'm sure we will be busy this evening taking him out. Poor soul can't find the door, so we have to just take him out. His supper of a ham and tortilla is not appealing to him, maybe a little sour cream with it and then he will be fine.
Got to start our walk back tonight. Of course with the local case of abduction in Blairsville, we are hyper alert about just walking in the evening. But when your married to the Body Guard, then no worries as he goes with me and the Labs.
Hope your Friday is going well!
Catching up on world news right now with CNN. Oh joy!


  1. Jennifer - How sweet of your husband to give you all that change for a new sewing machine! Now, what will you sew with that - perhaps try your hand at some quilts??? I think you should! And what kind of machine will you get???

    And yep, there are ORTS all over my house too. Better than dust bunnies, don't ya think?

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. OY, hope you didn't watch Nancy Grace last nite....she wasn't there and it was icky :(

    Enjoy your evening!

  3. That's really sweet of your husband. And you will love that sewing machine. I'm also in the process of buying old one broke down after 20 years of service. :(
    What machine will you get?


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