Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beary Scarey!

I was cleaning up this afternoon and saw this in the local paper. I hadn't looked through the paper yet and this was in it where someone got a picture of one of the many bears we have here in North Georgia. So this is where the berries go and this is what Raven and Ruby bark at.

Honestly, this is why I do not like to be out after dark. Supposedly this was taken with a night vision camera by one of the locals. The bear weighed 450 lbs and 6 ft 5" tall. The article states the resident just clapped her hands and it went away. I wonder how they knew exactly the weight and height? Our neighbor saw one about this size a week ago at 8:30am near our trash. If I meet one of these on the way to the car going to work, I will do more than clap! LOL

We had one on the front porch one time eating old Mexican food out of the trash bag we had just sat there before taking to the trash down the road. He was happy eating the burritoes. Imagine clicking on your porch light and seeing this.


  1. Wow, that would keep me inside after dark as well. Although they are magnificant animals. I wonder too how they knew so exactly the May be they asked it politely to step on a scale they put next to him/her?


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