Thursday, August 20, 2009

Frankly, my dear........I'm crazy!

Ok, one of the stores, the Martin place, that I went today had a Gone with the Wind section and I'm a sucker for Gone With the Wind stuff. I really don't collect any of it, just like to look through it. I love the movie, own it and look at it occasionally on personal video. My hubbie likes it too. Of course, I"m sure he likes Vivian Leigh in it. and thus, dark hair, fair skin....yes, a resemblence...hmmm, anyway, I love looking at the stuff. SO, there was a section that had these packets, and lo and behold, they were cross stitch packets of Gone With the Wind Scenes. Cross stitch in Helen, Georgia? Oh my lands, as my friend , Dot would say!
They were packaged in such a way I couldn't open them unless I bought it. I caved and bought one. Guess what? It's 15 solid pages of stitching. This one I chose was Scarlett in Watercolor. If I started today, I would finish it in maybe 2050.

But, you know what, its only 80 DMC colors and WHERE WAS MY BRAIN? LOL

I didn't know it because I couldn't open the doggone package, but here it is for your view. And with all 80 colors and 15 pages, its only 11 x 15 if using 36 ct.

Whatcha think?????? Oh, yeah, I hadn't got to the wine store yet, so I was sober......LOL
I love samplers but anybody ever stitch such a piece before?



  1. Mother of Pearl!

    I can't wait to watch you stitch it!


  2. Congrats on purchasing that beautiful chart. And won't make a difference what fabric you will choose because it will be solid stitched and you won't see the fabric. The size is about the same as my "Coming to Water" which I'm stitching on 18ct Aida. This gives the same result as 36ct linen but is easier to do with 75 colors and 12 pages of solid stitching.
    Meanwhile I got converted to over 1 stitching and LOVE stitching over 1 on 25ct Lugana.
    Anyway, you might want to grab some scraps and try out what you'll like the most to work on for a project like that.
    Whatever fabric you'll choose in the end, it will look fabulous when finished.

  3. Frankly my dear...................


    But of course you could start it tomorrow. After all tomorrow is another day.

    Okay. Stop groaning. LOL

    Actually this might be a fun piece to stitch. Take a while but better than the Burning of Atlanta scene. :)

  4. Wow - that is quite a project, Jennifer! I love GWTW - would you believe my northern husband has never seen it??? I keep telling him one of these days I'm going to sit him down to watch it ALL.

    Fiddle dee dee - enjoy!

  5. Thanks Gabi for those tips!
    I'm thinking this is something I definitely will be working on slowly rotating it out with samplers, because I still have alot of patterns I want to stitch.

    Oh, Tanya, you must get your hubbie to see the movie! I just love it. I have my really old Scarlett doll from when I was about 8 years old. I think it was a Madame Alexander one.
    She is pretty but her dress is showing lots of age. I have always wante the Rhett doll that matches her.
    Kathy, a good point, tomorrow is another day! LOL.


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