Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Happenings

One of my favorite old, old porch chairs has a new braid heart rug, just waiting on some quality stitching time out on the porch.
This new building.............
is now the proud focus of this cat, Thomas, who really believes it was made for him! He roams around it wondering when we are going to hand him the keys to it. LOL

My Sunday giddiness turned out this..........

Well, this morning I had good intentions on attending church service but I overslept.....again.

I really wanted to go but oh, I could have just kicked myself for not getting up on time! LOL

oh well, woke up with a good appetite and remembered I forgot to run to town to get milk and bread yesterday so, that eliminated a good deal of breakfast choices. And of all things to my disappointment, no coffee. As my friend said, "OH MY LANDS"! No coffee?

Well, seeming that we live in the country and learn to make do until we do get to town, I whipped up a Mexican brunch. Had some center cut ham slices and then cooked Pinto beans, mashed them to a pulp to make refried beans with a little dallop of sour cream. Found some flour tortillas and cheese which I made on top of the stove and cut up a honey dew melon for dessert! What a combo, right? Well, Ren liked his little miniplate and is now snoring in his blanket for an afternoon nap.
But Bodyguard was pleased as usual with whatever I whip up in the kitchen. You have to keep in mind he was a confirmed bachelor until age 44 so anything tastes good to him! LOL

Turned on the TV to get the latest CNN news, mainly the Afghanistan updates and all I hear is healthcare reform and so I frustratingly picked up some stitching I kitted together near my basket and just started needlework on 35 ct Lambswool linen ( a leftover snip from Jonah's Hornbook) and started the peacock on the design by The Sampler Girl, Say Grace, which will go into a small 4 x5 simple black frame in my kitchen on the center island where we eat. It's a small design but many pretty colors, all in DMC. I plan on tea staining this one, but then again my mind could change at a moments notice and I may not.........such is life being a woman! ;)
As I do have a profession in the gynecology field, I do believe that is an estrogen issue!

We are going to make our little trip to town for a few basic groceries~~~~ oh please, don't let me near Walmart or I'll cave for other unnecessary items~~~~ and then plan to get an ice cream and coffee somewhere, I don't know where but that's the craving for our Sunday afternoon.
Then a long walk to circulate all that cholesterol to keep us healthy!

I hope your Sunday is peaceful and content and spent however it makes your heart sing......



  1. What a great day :) Don't fret, we missed church too yesterday ( I sure hope mil doesn't catch wind :)) Your breakfast sounds awesome and I hope your run into town was fun, and of course I gotta ask, what flavor ice cream did you get?

    Have a wonderful Monday :)

  2. well, my first choice was Mayfield Birthday Cake but they were out of it so I got butter pecan which is the most favorite.


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