Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thelma and Louise and other car issues

The girls, also known as Thelma and Louise........really begging for a walk tonight but thunder and rain is coming so, not tonight.

My after work exploring at the winery for Cherokee Rose bottle of wine with dinner.

Now, I switch from wine to church, I know that's hard in the Bible belt.....but it really is not sinful......I don't think. But this is a small church across from Sautee-Nacoochee Community Arts Center.

Here is the Sautee-Nacoochee Center, full of history, full of art, full of dancing, and oh, so full of prices as I tried to get a price for a stitching group monthly or bimonthly meeting but they want us to pay for electricity and be a corporate member. Wow! I digress.....

Here is the Sautee-Nacoochee Indian mound, a historic mark . Mount Yonah is in the background. We live in a beautiful, inspiring area for creative spirits.

And my necessary visit to the local animal shelter, looking for a gray cat, a cashmere solid gray. Well, didn't bring home any but one was very poor health and loved me alot. She will go to the vet tomorrow. If well.........we'll see. She is black, long haired with white feet.

Confession: my new car has a problem that I need to take into the dealership. It pulls over at every thrift store. Just immediately upon visualizing, the car gets into the turning lane. Now, this a problem we didn't know about when we bought the car. But obviously, it's causing problems! Traffic stops for me to turn over into a thrift store parking lot. Oh my, we must get this fixed! Here's an example. The Mall, antique thrift store in Cleveland. The car will park and not go again until I peruse the place, scoping out any linens or threads! LOL

But, all in all, it's a good day, filled with silver linings, somewhere.......................


  1. amen my friend :)

    Let me know what the dealer says about your car, because my honda does the same thing! Totally beautiful pics, what a wonderful area to live :)


  2. Oh, the most important part of the post....I love Thelma and Louise, they are so adorable....they would love my chocolate lab, Leo, he hides under the bed during storms

  3. Ha, you had me cracking up at this post. I'm wondering if it was my car that made me visit all those antique/thrift stores a while ago. Quite possibly. Well, you have to blame someone, right? Hope things work out for the kitty cat.

  4. Please please tell me how they fixed your car. Ours does the very same. It's a disaster at times. And I just told my husband that it is NOT my fault but a common fault in cars. Cracked him up good time.
    Your living in a beautiful area. I enjoyed these pictures.


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