Monday, August 17, 2009

Battle of my Stitching Brain

A long day indeed.........

after work I was haunted by the Battle of the Brain. Do you ever have this condition?

That's what I call it when I'm trying to reason myself for or against something that day.

Seems just like the grocery store experience, I always get home and forget at least one item I needed. Well, last night I scoured my stashes for 2 DMC colors which were called for in the Saying Grace sampler I'm working on right now. I absolutely couldn't believe I didn't have every DMC color by now but nope, had 2 missing.
I usually can substitute but these colors are so pretty together that I wanted to use the ones in the pattern. And to top it off, I just went to the Dogwood Patch Saturday where she has DMC floss as well. But, like milk or bread, forgot it.

So, at lunch I did get more work done on the piece and started thinking that maybe I would just go get the DMC floss.

Thoughts like this ensued:

Well, why in the world can't I find the two missing colors! I know I have them somewhere!

Maybe I can just run up to Hobby Lobby after work.

Oh but that is another extra 40 miles round trip in addition to the other commute time back home.

But, then again------- I just may go.

I shouldn't go, I should substitute the colors.

But, if I go, I will be going against the traffic so that's a plus.

However, if I go I may get other stuff I don't need.

And, if I go, there's a neat Antique/thrift shop next door where I could look for a scissor frog.

Ok, I'm going for sure.

I can't decide.

yep, I'm going now, for sure to get those 2 DMC floss colors. At 35 cents a skein, what a savings even if I am burning 10.00 extra gas mileage! LOL

This is what I mean by those days with Battle of the Brain.

And through interstate traffic and rain storms, I became determined to get those 2 DMC colors........and I did. Whew! Long day.


  1. LOL. You sound just like me. I go through the same self debate for many many things.

    I have been collecting the dmc for 20 years now and am about 70 colors short of having every one but just never felt like I 'HAVE' to have every single color because as soon as I come across a project where I will need one that I don't have, that is when I get it, and it makes an excuse to go to Michael's hobbies. Of course it is only about 10 miles.

    I think if I were in your situation, I would have had the exact, EXACT, debate with myself. LOL

  2. LOL....thank god I'm not the only one who's brain is working like that. You just made my day!!!. Ohh...what else did you get with the 2 DMC's?

  3. Well, I got the frame for the Empty Nest one and grabbed a few other DMC colors, at random, and a small floral piece to put in one of my small hanging wall basket and some cotton quilting backing material for a maybe attempt at a sewing project.....we'll see.
    Oh, and a small seam ripper too.

  4. BTDT so many times I hate to admit it :) I like to think of this trait as "determined" but hubby refers to it as "stubborn"...either way I am glad that you got the floss :) Oh, and I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one who keeps a reserve stash of floss :) Of course, as you said like bread and milk, never what I need when I need it.

    You are too cute!


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