Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Half Way Through the Week

I can't believe this week is flying by so quickly. Seems like it was just Sunday!

I started a new piece the Blue House sampler by the Sampler Girl but not enough to post a pic tonight. I do love the Vintage Exemplar Linen by Lakeside Linen. Its softer than the previous ones I worked with and the Crescent Colors are always lovely. I didn't use any kind of frame for the last 2 or 3 ones and just stitched them in hand. However, this one will use my wooden frame for it because the material is so soft, for the right tension. I'm working on the words at the top of the design and the color is almost just like pea soup to me. The movie Sixth Sense, the seen when the girl hurls the pea soup, is coming back to me. I remember that strange movie.

After work, we tried out a new local restaurant. From the outside, it's kinda like just a plain country cooking restaurant style but when we opened the menus boy did we get a shock with the menu and prices. But, the food was good. Reminded me of eating at some Chicago or Washington restaurants but in the country here. Different.

Ren is protesting dog food tonight, as we ate out, he is upset with having to eat dog food. So, after he barked a while we caved and gave him some bread and sandwich ham meat and he is happy as a lark now. He is so spoiled at this point that its really ridiculous. He will not eat tuna out of the can but will eat it if I make tuna salad....however, he sorts out the pickle relish to the side! Funny!

Must be full moon. The Labs are running on the porch in the middle of the night and barking loud. Not good with insomnia. We have had neighbors this past 2 weeks who said they have seen bear here so we are not sure if maybe that's what is disturbing them. I so hope they are quiet tonight. Waking at 4 am is not fun when you can't go back to sleep and have to get up at 6.

It's a rainy, muggy, humid day here. Ragweed season is starting. I can tell very distinctly with some sneezing and coughing alot. Ragweed starts about mid August and lasts through the first hard frost. So, getting those antihistamines ready.......

Tonight I stitched a little watching Nancy Grace (my favorite TV show) and then stopped to look up some old movies, sad movies too. I don't know why. You know movies like The Thornbirds, Legends of the Fall, Old Yeller,Marley and Me, Terms of Endearment. What' s that about? Must be hormonal............


Other indications are that I say "is it hot in here or is it me?" alot and freeze us at night with the airconditioning. Hubbie doesn't complain. He goes with the flow........LOL

Gosh, its almost midnight and I better go get some sleep before the Labs start their partying on the porch tonight...........



  1. Say it isn't so about the ragweed! I forget to worry about bears when I hear the coyotes everynight! I am getting back to you on the Sampler guild. This is the first week back at ballet and music and I have not found my groove yet!

  2. The flowers are beautiful! Love your new finish, too.

  3. Thanks so much, Siobhan!
    Hey Michelle, I know you've been busy with the girls, no worries......Find your groove, girl!

  4. Sorry to hear about the allergies. I hope you have the med on hand so you can enjoy the days. Only try to avoid the bears. :)


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