Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Twisted Tuesday--where's the eraser?

Yep, my dad bought me one of these in the 70's for Christmas and we laughed about it. I figured I either made alot of mistakes, or he thought I would, or he thought I was a mistake (most likely), or it was a 70's thing but probably a combination of all of it. I remember this lasted for a very long time and it made me laugh when I would look at it.

Do you remember these huge erasers?

I've made some big mistakes in my life since getting that eraser but try to look at them as learning experiences instead of mistakes to keep my sanity. Just the word, mistake, is much more harsher, I think, but there are times when I have to call a mistake....... a mistake.

In stitching, it's easy. We call it frogging. Well, it's not so easy if you figure it out after a large part of the design is completed.........but, frogging will take care of a mistake in the stitching world.

In the computer world, we just hit the key....delete.....and that takes care of it then.

In the real world, things aren't so easy. Memories don't vanish, there's no delete button, and even if we pray about it, it still lingers like a gray cloud some days and we wish we had the big eraser, the frogger needle, or the delete buttons but it just doesn't work that way with our brains.

I wish some days I had a delete button.
Better yet, just frog it out and start all over.

I think our brains were made to remember mistakes so that we are more aware of a similar situation the next time and know more of what to do. It's kind of a built-in prevention kit we are born with.

I commend all who firmly believe that life is what we make it. It's a phrase that sounds nice but I'm not a believer in that simply because I've been through alot of stuff that I know I didn't create myself. And I know alot of other people that are in similar situations. It puts the blame on people for everything, which is guilt trip worse than mama!

I can partly understand where it's all about how we react to it, even though that still puts the blame on the person receiving the circumstances of someone else's mistakes. But maybe sometimes we do need to take the blame. So that's a bit more feasible to me. But then, again, I'm not one to brush things under the rug and act like they don't exist. I used to be......big mistake. Ignoring issues does not solve problems, it usually makes them get bigger. That is one lesson I definitely have learned.

Things I totally don't understand (honestly, I don't) this week are:

being treated like you don't exist, like you died or was never born...by your own family--- eraser, please?

teenagers wearing Tshirts that say  "It's all about me" on the front side and telling parents what they will do for them.....

the statistic recently released that there are more numbers of suicides from our soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq than there have been that died in combat in both wars.   (Where is that big mistake eraser?)

A broken healthcare system and women calling ambulances for menstrual cramps and the ambulance takes them to the ER for a menstrual cramp, while stroke victims wait.

Watching politicians spend 3 million dollars on a wedding while our country's economy and job rate is in a serious recession.  Jails are overcrowded with sex offenders, rapists, murderers but we do not have money to put criminals behind bars for any real length of time due to this overcrowding.

paying 80,000 dollars for a wedding dress

more community support when people choose not to work than if they do and still need the services but can't get them because they work.......................I digress here.

These are a few of the twisted thoughts I have today and I can't delete, frog, or erase. It would be so easy if we could! ;)

Tuesday's chore is the day for sweeping, right?  


  1. I really believe in big erasers I like the fact that you too see the problems with spending so much money on a wedding and not paying attention to the needs of our country.
    I also have a problem with the media paying so much attention to a wedding like this how come we never had media like this at our weddings o.k. I am on my soap box I will now get off I hope today goes better for you.
    Peace to you.

  2. You have it right! The sad part is in today's world, what used to be "right" is now "wrong" and what used to be "wrong" is now "right". I don't understand how spending more money and placing this wonderful country into deeper debt is helping our nation. I believe, our soldiers would fair better if they were able to fight a soldier's war and not have to ask permission to shoot the enemy in order to save one of our own. It would be nice to be able to erase Washington and start fresh with the basic beliefs of how this country was started on. Sorry I went on and on....thanks for sharing your thoughts! Happy stitching! Lorraine(in Maine)

  3. As in sweeping it right under the rug? Wish it were that easy, as you say. What ever happened to plain, simple logic. If there's not enough money to pay for it, you don't do it. Nice, thought-provoking post. :)


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