Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Steamy Sunday at the Homestead

Today is definitely going to be another scorcher. I woke at 8am and felt rested, finally. Made my coffee and decided to get started on Abbie's sampler. I stitched for awhile, then decided to go out and plant some seedlings of wild flowers in the flower baskets which hang off the side of the house. This year they have random perineals or herbs that came back with no help from me at all because I've been so busy this Summer. I wanted to save the Rosemary that came back before putting the wiildflower seeds in the basket and I was about to throw away this old teapot that has been sitting in a box in the basement for 9 years because the spout broke off during our move here.
But the sentimental part of me just couldn't as this was my first ever teapot. It graced my kitchen and brewed many a hot water for tea on challenging child-rearing days.

So, I thought, why not?  Why not make it a planter for my Rosemary that came back this year?
Conveniently, where the spout was located, is the perfect drainage for the flower pot/tea kettle.
I can also move it in when the winter sets in.

I think this is my chamomille that came back this year. If so I should consume all of it as it's supposed to be a relaxing herb!  But instead, I'll leave it be and plant my seedlings around it.

These also made it through the year and came back. So it's a keeper and the seedlings, again will go around it.

Thomas is reminding me down there that I should go in and put on my knee high leather boots before roaming through the weed-eaten forest for he looks to be on the prowl for something interesting and I don't want to know what it is. Cross my fingers, no snakes please!
However, this is when they do come out the most. Hot, steamy weather. This is why I need one more outside kitty cat to help with the defense from critters.

I took the roses that Dot gave me when Ren died and Body Guard is planting out in a sunny spot. As we live on rock, I mean solid rock, it's hard to plant unless you make an encasement filled with potting soil.
Seems to be little sun much where Ren's resting spot is, so the roses will go near the tree outside that he liked to wonder upon. I put the yellow butterfly here as Lemon Balm attracts them anyways.

You can already see the steam coming off the pond below our house and it's only 10am.

Feel like I live in a treehouse sometimes.
But, I will have to tell you that when Fall comes and the leaves change to various colors, this is one beautiful place!


  1. The pictures are beautiful and I love the teapot planter.

  2. Loved the repurpose yeapot! Your place is beautiful ! Hope to see pictures when it is Fall !

  3. Such a relaxing location you have! (Save for the snakes and bears, but we have them here too). Love what you did with the teapot!

  4. Yes, your little neck of the woods is beautiful! I am too much of a chicken little though to live where I might see a snake/bear, let alone come upon one! Yikes!

    I do love all the greenery and love the teapot idea.
    Ren will like the Roses.


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