Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday madness

Almost 10pm here right now and I'm just settling in to put a few stitches in this piece.

and the progress on At Home with Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl, not much more over the weekend.

I wish for bigger pallettes of overdyed threads. Kinda like wishing for the 64 color box of crayons after the 8 color pack.

I may or may not use those buttons, leaning towards not, with this piece but I had them on the table from a pack of buttons and found them at an antique store awhile back for a dollar. They are MOP and I love them.

Got a fresh pack of needles to open. Where do all those needles go? LOL

Didn't have the energy today to iron the hoop marks out. I usually use qsnaps but for some reason I picked this small one up to work with  on this piece. Right now I have The Sampler Girl's At Home with Jane Austen in my Needleworker 4 frame of which has long linen and Abbie likes to hide under my stitching chair and occasionally bat my linen or thread like a cat. ;)

Today was a rough start of a Monday. I sleepily went to the shower and as I'm definitely not a morning person anyways, woke up pretty much when all the electricity went off in our house while I was in the shower. Trying to find my way out of the bathroom in total darkness, was a little jarring. Finally the electricity came on  (thank you!) and then went off again......still in the dark, then it finally came back on again and I was able to go to work with dry hair this morning. Evidently it was storming around somewhere and stayed pretty gloomy and cloudy here all day. At the least bit of wind or stormy weather, our electricity goes off.

Then, on the commute, a little lady decides at 65 mph on a highway that she would just stop make a screeching hault and a U-turn in the road and we almost had a 4 car pile-up on the highway so she could go to the local biscuit spot on the highway. After we all screeched tires and I actually locked down the brakes in my car as if I was in the Mustang and went sideways off to a ditch to avoid hitting the car ahead of me. I drove out of the grassy ditch watching the little 'ole lady finish her U-Turn going off the other side of the grassy part and looking ahead as if she didn't cause a thing to happen.....amazing. I hope I don't drive like that when I am an old lady. Wait. I'm getting there, it's scarey!

This was all before work started.

So, the day went as usual afterwards and I'm thankful we have electricity and didn't have a totaled car in the driveway.

But somewhere out there is a little 'ole lady who decided to take up that hunch and get that big Southern biscuit for breakfast afterall  :0

Stay cool!


  1. What a way not to start a day! Glad you didn't get hurt in the traffic. Your stitching is so pretty. I just got the Jane Austen graph in the mail today and now I'm antsy to start it! Hope the rest of the week is less eventful.

  2. Your Jane Austin is just beautiful. I might have just gone back to bed if my morning went as yours did. Oh, I do know exactly where all my needles go--right in the arm of my stitching chair.

  3. Glad you made it safely through the morning! Lovely progress on your stitching. :)

  4. Glad your day was not more eventful. When will people learn to just make the block instead of stopping suddenly to make a turn? Love your progress.

  5. How scarey about the little ol' lady. My FIL used to scare the pants off me when he was behind the wheel of a car. Jane Austin is looking lovely!

  6. I'd say you have had your fill of excitement for the day! Hope things settle down for you!

    Your piece is coming along nicely - love the colors you are using.

  7. Both these pieces are turning out lovely. The colors in Abby's piece are wonderful.

    I can't offer any advice on the crazy drivers, but for the power outages, I try to keep a flashlight in every room of the house. Mine goes out at least once a week during summer storms. Plus there's one small one in the backpack I carry to work. yes, I am a Floridan. :)

  8. Wow, some people shouldn't be allowed to drive. So glad you are okay.

    Those colours in Austen are just stunning!


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