Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer--Ren

This morning at 1am I definitely needed to refine my little pattern I made inspired by a rainbow yesterday. I couldn't help but think of Ren. So this morning, I cleaned it up a bit. Note to self not to post freebies until looking at them the next morning....LOL

You can  substitute your pet's name if you would like and the colors and fabric of your choosing.
Ren, was a long, faithful friend.

I hope your Saturday is filled with rainbows!


  1. Your stitching pattern software is AWESOME! Hard to believe it's been that long since Ren passed. Seems so fresh in my mind. Hopefully stitching this will bring you a level of peace as you think on your many years with him.

  2. Another cutie!

    I found that creating a small scrapbook of some of my favorite pictures of my beloved Emerald (passed in 2008 at age 17) was very therapeutic. Maybe this will be therapeutic for you, creating little samplers that is.


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