Sunday, August 1, 2010

From Me to You

It's just a small token of appreciation for your comments, support, and understanding.
It's in the rough and I havne't pulled colors so this may change, but just wanted you to see it.
Tommorrow I'l write the legend that goes with it.
I'm still learning so hang in there with me.
One day I might get to stitch it myself.
If you are interested in the color/symbol legand I can email you that or you can use your own colors.
Hope everyone is resting and getting ready for that wonderful day of Monday.....ahhhhhhhh.


  1. Thank you so much Jennifer for this lovely sampler chart! I see a new designer in the making. Give little Abbie a hug from me. Dianne in UT

  2. I come often to read your blog, thank you for the lovely chart !

  3. Jennifer, how very nice of you. Thanks a million. Also where did you get the chart for "This Too Will Pass", the pic is on your side bar. I'd love to stitch this for myself.

  4. Oh that is so lovely Jennifer - thanks for sharing with us! I would love to stitch it! When you decide on colours, let us know!! Thanks again!

  5. Thank you! I was admiring this when you posted it the first time. I love coming to your blog.

  6. Thank you so much.
    Rae Ann that one is designed by My Big Toe company, a Christian cross stitch company. I should go back and put names under each. Sorry.

    Thanks for all the comments. I definitely have some rough drafts now and need refining a bit. I also will need to get some of the colors I used to make sure they jive together. Hopefully, tomorrow.


  7. SO sweet, Jennifer- great job!

  8. What a lovely chart - thank you! Can't wait to see the colors you pick!

  9. It's darling Jennifer! And how very sweet of you to offer it to your readers, thank you :)

  10. I love this chart and want very
    much to stitch it, because I
    really love it and because it
    is from YOU and I think you are
    a dear! I also want to stitch
    the This Too Shall Pass. Love
    Hugs & blessings,

  11. Thank you so much for this beautiful chart, Jennifer. You are an angel!!!
    Hugs from Spain


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