Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Summer Abigail Sampler

The inspiration this afternoon.

after working with the basic ideas this is the colors I came out with here.
Because she is light tan and white, mostly white (ecru), I think I would choose a 32 count darker Belgian linen to work with but haven't started on it yet.
Just dabbling and playing, kinda like her today.

Her tail is a bit plumish, but it is in real life.
I put a smile in the pink heart contrasting 2 shades of pink.

The top border is a blend of CC Cottage Green and Pink Peony
Again, I'm just taking rough pics from the computer monitor.

And the bottom part.

She has an old black Dutch tin that I use to fill with doggie treats. She knows after play she gets a treat.
If you want to see her pink ears the largest, just say the word treat! I put her initial on her treat tin. ;)

I'm going to pull the colors (hopefully I have them) and see if they jive and play with it a little.

While I was away at the computer, she hopped on the sofa and literally shredded my printed color copy of the first one, so I guess she didn't like those colors.....LOL
Glad there is a SAVE button on the computer!
Hope your Tuesday went well today and your staying cool in your neck of the woods.
Till later,



  1. Your Summer Abigail Sampler is adorable! I cannot wait to see the finished piece! Way to go with the designing! I wish I could find the courage to design too.

    Thank you for the walk down memory lane with your albums. I love music and had (have) a huge crush on Kenny Rogers too! What great music!

    Oh, and your Jane Austen sampler is coming right along! I love the colors...so pretty!

  2. Very cute photo of Abigail and cute design!

  3. I have never figured out why dogs like to tear up paper so much - you can buy them a bunch of toys and they will go straight to the magazine

    I cracked up looking at the albums - Things certainly change over time - especially hair styles ;)

  4. It looks like you are having fun with your designing software. Both samplers you created are really cute.

  5. Thank you so much! I did have fun today working with it.

  6. What cute inspiration you have to work with! Can't wait to see the finished sampler! :)

  7. What a sweet gesture by your vet!

    Love the Abby sampler...she is such a cutie!

  8. I think you did a great job designing this little sampler for Abigail. I can't wait to see it stitched :-)


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