Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Different Kind of Needle

I mosey downstairs  after a couple of sips of coffee to the basement level where there's an ever ending cleaning project lying around everywhere to look at the new sink in the mud/laundry area, and where Miss Abbie enjoys a lavender bath and massage weekly! ;)

Both the furbabies liked baths, but Abbie likes hers more than Ren ever did.
After I wash Abbie now, she dries to the resenblence of a Chia pet, because she has such thick, thick hair!
She now has a plume for a tail.

Then I moseyed over to look at which section of the basement stuff I wanted to go through today. It's a never ending project when the two of us are pack rats. But it's soooooooo much better.

Being a music lover, I cannot seem to give, sell, or use my old albums. To buy an album back in the day at our house was a fine luxury and then in college, well maybe for holidays, so I have mine stacked and collecting dust.

I brought them up to the kitchen in better light to go through them and to me it was like flicking the TV channel in my brain.

 This is already a Twisted Tuesday.

Brings back the way we used to listen to music with a different needle.

This was one of my prized possessions in the late 70's.

oh yeah, I can remember these guys.

This was a favorite and treasured album of mine. I loved Kenny Rogers.

I think I got this album as a Christmas gift the year I graduated from high school.
His music is still dear to me.

Oh yeah, here is one of my first albums. Mickey mouse.

I played this on my plastic record player about 2000 times before the age of 10.

I was about 5 when I got this one for Christmas. Goofy was my favorite. Think of that! :)

OMG! I stole my dad's Christmas album!  I must mail it to him, if he remembers way back yonder The Ray Connif Singers. To be in my collection, I guess I must have been pretty bored at one time or needing Christmas music. Better yet, I'll keep it till he comes to see us. Ha!
now this is one of my faves and I really hate to admit it because at the office, I know one particular person who definitely makes fun of all of us Barry Manilow, 1970=80's crowd.  LOL
It's kind of funny. But he did have some touching songs and I sang them with vigor through the years.

Somewhere Down the Road and Even Now----my faves.

He was the only concert that I could go to in high school or college. Simply couldn't afford a concert. But one year we got a discounted ticket and I went with a friend to see Barry in Concert with his shining white piano on a rotating stage seranading me through dreamland.

Chicago--speaks for itself.  And what do you know?  I married someone from Chicago, Illinois!

I still love all their songs too.

Remember Wham?  So 80's.  Gag with me a spoon, 80's.
Just joking. They had some good music too.
I remember it vividly as I got whammed alot in the 80's while I was wearing my leggings and spiral permed hair.

I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when I got this waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day.
I still have this on CD somewhere and listen in the car.

Ahhhh, and this one I got in London, England in 1981, September when I was on a mission trip with our church and we had a few days to shop in London. I was enrolled in college through music scholerships and was a Music Major for a short time. I loved Chopin.

Ok, the cookies are almost gone by now.........

A few more here.

I absolutely think Elton John's music is unlike no other. There is not even one song of his that I do not care for. I love them all!

Nor this man either. I forgot how many of his albums I had.

Ok, I admit, I had a crush on Kenny Rogers.........LOL

yep, funny how many Kenny Rogers album I collected. I opened this one and remembered how I used to think this was the picture perfect family. Dogs were allowed in the house, the man and woman were touching each other, pictures all around, something that was foreign to me in my early years.


I wonder if this is worth anything?
I forgot I even had this one.

I remember doing some serious dance routines in the living room with my kids as toddlers, in my tight leggings and spiral -permed hair. How funny!  They probably don't even remember.
Unfortunately, my X took a hammer and crashed it once when he was mad, completely tearing the record player up. He told me it was that or my head.  That ended record-playing.

And know now that the life I always wanted is here now. Safe and peaceful in the mountains.

You just never know what life will bring ya.

This was a gift to me in 2000 before I moved here by a dear friend who knew I loved the mountains.
Thomas Kinkade's End of a Perfect Day, my favorite of his paintings.

I even bought the pattern to stitch in a specialty shop many years ago but never did. It is in the Nest Feathers Shoppe now.

Well, best get back to some dance moves to get on with the day of a list of twenty things to do by 5pm. I think I'll go put on my skinny jeans now and whistle a few tunes.


  1. You bring back memories! Yes, I remember all of these and more, too. Who knew what lay ahead for each of us?

  2. Such cool memories with those albums. I still have all of mine too! My husband keeps suggesting that we get rid of them - no way Jose'.

  3. I'm cracking up because I remember most of those records. Had some myself!

  4. That is quite an eclectic collection!

  5. I still have the records of my youth too!

    I'll admit it, Barry was my favorite! That was the first concert I ever went to. I think I may even have a picture or two from the concert somewhere.

    Thanks for the flashback!

  6. Love this post! The Elton John Greatest Hits is my favorite album of all time :)


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