Thursday, July 29, 2010

Made a blanket for Abbie tonight

My mama made me a thick cotton blanket out of puppies!  {{Abbie}}

Yep, today I went fabbie hunting at lunch in between a very busy day at work and I saw this new flannel material with puppy dogs on it and I came home and found some cotton batting and used some fabric I got from the Boston trip to back it. I have no idea how to make a binder but I tried and if it ravels........she won't mind at all. It's kinda heavy which is good because she claimed our sofa quilt as her own each night.
Now she has one for herself.
I was actually still playing with my sewing machine and used one of the zigzag stitches for a couple of rows each end to secure the pieces together and boy, did that use a whole spool of thread!!!!  LOL
Live and learn.

She likes it though and loves playing with her toys on it because it's soft.
I definitely need to add a quilt footer to the list when I go to the city again for sewing thick layers.

I know we don't need flannel for the weather, that's for sure! It's quite hot and humid here in the mountains.

Hope your Thursday is soft and cuddly too~~~


  1. Cute puppy quilt! I'm sure Miss Abbie is pleased with it.

  2. Ijust found your blog recently and just love it. The blanket is almost as cute as Abbie.

  3. Ahhh, Ms Abbie is so stinkin cute! What a good idea in making her own "dede" as my daughter calls it. It looks very cozy and comfortable.

  4. how very cute! Glad she likes it, too, so you can reclaim yours! Hope your Friday is not as busy...

  5. Beautiful and she looks like she just loves it!

  6. Abbie's quilt is just adorable, Jennifer. Great job.

    Take Care ... Sandy


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