Sunday, July 25, 2010

Progress today

 It's coming along today. The first half is almost done.

More Jane Austen.

And that I certainly did this weekend.

At home with Jane Austen by the Sampler Girl

Crescent colors fiber
30 ct Weeks Dye Linen in Linen
Scissors by Kelmscott Designs

It's about half-way on a design, I contemplate how I'm going to finish it.  Into a hanging with blanket stitched edges or framed. Much to think about but I do know exactly where this will hang.


  1. Jennifer...Thank you for visiting my bloggie on Sunday and for your sweet comment.

    Just want you to know I'm thinking of you and praying for God to bless you family with whatever it needs most. I don't think there is a family out there that gets along all of the time...mine surely didn't. Not as children...not as adults.

    That we've grown older we've worked to reconcile our differences and strive to remain loving siblings and friends at all times. Sometimes we do better than others but we are all ALWAYS trying.

    Blessings to you as you seek direction for your heart.

    Love to you~

    Rebecca PS: LOVE the Jane Austen quote and cross stitch. She's my fav!

  2. It looks wonderful and makes me want to pull out mine and work on it! Maybe I will move this design up the list in my stash box! I can't wait to see how you decide to finish it! I dream of other methods but I always frame because I fear dust on any type of handwork!

  3. Looking Great!!!! What companion piece are you going to do?

  4. Hilliary, there is a piece by The Sampler Girl and I can't remember the name exactly right now but I have to order it from her.....I think it's By the Sea with Jane Austen. Anyway, it's the same size and uses similar colors and would look great together.

    Rebecca, you're so welcome. Unfortunately, in my family they are never trying. That makes a big difference. They really preferred if I was deceased, honestly. Sometimes I feel they are dissapointed that I"m not. Strange because they read my blog from time to time, I think just to see if I'm still alive.

    Oh, I haven't figured out how I'm going to finish it yet. Maybe as a hanging. I don't fear dust. My house gets dusty alot! LOL
    I just vacuum occasionally and it's usually ok.
    I like the way the model is blanket stitched and might try it.


  5. Love how this is coming along - very pretty!

  6. I love this design - I need to order it! Yours looks great. By the way, I am NOT going to look anymore at those delicious cookie pictures as I am trying to diet and they're killing me!!


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