Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Flutters and other sundries

Sometimes I feel like a butterfly, fluttering around the many places and things I get's way too beyond ADHD but necessary right now at this part of life.
But, anyway, after work tonight and a lovely dinner of a bag of Chips, salsa, sour cream and cheese all microwaved on a plate twice over a great conversations of our days at work, Body Guard and I laughed at what needed laughing.....and said OMG, and what needed OMG! LOL
Our back porch is usually the grounding spot for us after a day's work where we can relax for a few before we get into our own ventures.

It really makes for an interesting dinner conversation at the end of a day. Law Enforcement and medical all wrapped into one. Sometimes, it's just plain wacky conversations.

After that, Miss Abbie thinks my job is to hold her 24/7 and she wants me to make up for that when I come home. However, she is getting adjusted to being held only 2 hours at night instead of 5 or 6 and by 10:30pm she is ready for bed. Sleep time for Miss Abbie.

Friday is when I remember what I forgot all during the week on my to-do list.

I have some things that needed to be mailed 2 weeks ago and I know for sure this will be mailed tomorrow.
I packaged them up and also wrote notes I needed to get out in the mail.

I also did a happy dance to clear off the kitchen island, our hot spot of clutter, and plopped down for a few with this that I got yesterday. I LOVE Country Sampler magazine. I can look at it 52 times and always find something new to either make or dream about. This is the Fall issue.

And is it ever good!!!!!
And I am definitely looking at making some prairie curtains now. Have no pattern but I really need to do this for Fall. Hubbie is amazed at how often decor changes at home, going along seasonally, but he goes with the flow.
Right before this I plopped a nice size tart melt onto the melting tin and cinnamon is filling the house making the reading even more inviting for Fall weather. I'm trying to meditate for it to come early this year.  I know we have a little bit more of Summer to go but I get so excited for Fall.

I also pulled out my linen I had in my stash and started the Abbie sampler, The Dog Days of Summer.
I had some 32ct Bo Peep Pink, Belfast linen. It's the palest of pink, really pale and I like it with the sampler for her.

I'm working my way through the color process and the first colors I chose, I have changed already because I didn't have several in my stash. So, these are the ones I'm working with now.

Let's just say I really like Belfast linen. Weeks is very stretchy to me although the colors are nice.

I still have The Sampler Girl's pattern, At Home with Jane Austen in my large Qsnap and in the Needlework frame and working on the house.
Not much progress because of work.
Of course, Abbie is white with a little really light tannish spots, so I will use antique white probably for her coloring with CC country lane in her marking spots.

I picked up this green as it's really a better blend for the lettering (other than her name).
Her name I'm stitching in CC Secondhand Rose. It really goes well with the Bo Peep pink linen.

I have never stitched with this brand before but someone who knew I loved stitching found a bag of threads at an auction for very little and she gave a bagful of different ones to me. Many perle DMC which I have never used and then this Neede Necessities Inc. overdyed thread. It's a big hank of thread and my favorite of pinks so this will contrast nicely as well.

I also got this pattern in the mail this week with the accompanying backing remnant. Getting Away with Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl. Actually, I think I had it earlier.....the weeks since Ren passed has flowed one to the other, anyway, I do have it. I had planned to stitch this while in Chicago on July 4th but we never made it to a vacation due to the circumstances so I will still have this one for Sept when we do get to go again.
Can you believe Sunday is August 1st????????

I hope to get finished with the At Home with Jane Austen sampler before I begin this one.
You know how things change....I digress.
I also have some Fallish fabbie cuts to put in the Shoppe soon so stay-tuned for your Fall finishing needs.
Till later,


  1. I also love Country Sampler!! It inspires me, tho I rarely make big changes. The Abbie Sampler is going to be too cute! I had finished At Home with Jane Austen but am deciding to do the stitching on the edges or frame it... Will check back at the shoppe for your fabbie choices. Hugs.

  2. Very nice start to the Abby sampler! Your supper sounds yummy and now I want chips and salsa from Chili's! LOL...Have a great rest of your weekend


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