Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Project a Day keeps the doctor away.........

One of my favorite spots to sit in the Summer evenings. I love to swing.
I made a pillow this morning to add for mine and Thomas's pleasure, as he sits here quite often, or should I say lounges here.

Playing with sewing machine and 2 fatquarters and some ribbon and using some little crosses  I made this:
The first time I've actually tried to machine sew ribbon on something.
Four crosses for the furbabies we have.
I had this top fat quarter since the Spring and just hadn't made it into something yet.
The back is similar. I like the beehives and the arbor in vine.

one sad
two seeking attention
in their own way.

And also this morning, finally found the wooden box filled with goodies I thought I lost somewhere in the house for Karyn. Karyn, it's coming your way!!!!!!! Thanks for your purchase at The Shoppe.

And if your name starts with a P
And you really dig tea;
And you just adopted a dog, Melody
Then this was made for you this morning!

An old linen calender to hang on your frig minus the calender and added with trim.
It has all the kinds of tea and names. Hope you's heading your way soon.


  1. Oh WOWZA...what a pleasant surprise! I will treasure it! (I have tears in my eyes.)

    You are so kind AND so creative. Thank you for thinking about me.

  2. I love your pillow. It is beautiful.

  3. You stitching is wonderful ! I love the pillow you made!! So Cute

  4. Love the pillow, it's gorgeous !

  5. That is one darling little pillow! I love the fabric you used...and the crosses are a nice touch.

    The calender hang you made for Parsley is simply divine!!!

  6. What a beautiful pillow for what looks like a lovely place to sit and stitch! Love all the pics of your dogs too :)

  7. Hi again Jen! That little pillow is ever so cute! I never think of doing this type of thing with cute fabric... but last weekend I bought a FQ of some really cute fabby that can ONLY be used this way, so will add to my finishing pile, which I may start tonight!

  8. Lovely work on the pillow. That swing and the pillows look so pretty and peaceful.

  9. Hi Jennifer:
    I love the fabric you chose for the pillow. It's beautiful. The crosses are a lovely touch, too. Your friends are going to love the gifts headed their way. Lucky girls! Have a restful Sunday.

  10. pillow is very sweet. I love your new banner photo - what a view!

  11. Such a beautiful pillow and a sweet surprise for Parsley.

  12. Your porch is truly one of the most stunning spaces I've ever laid eyes on ~ swoon:)


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