Friday, July 9, 2010

Sew Easy and Inspirational

Color and rearranging are uplifters for me. So, this morning I took the old Dutch tea towel which is quite larger than normal and mended the ends to make a fresh change on the kitchen island.

I got this a couple of years ago out of an estate find and it has the consistency of flour sack cloth.

A different view today to freshen the kitchen. Easy trim and seam and remove the previous one to clean.
Being married to a Dutchman, I love this design.

Light and airy, fresh and clean, a bit Dutchy vintage. I've got to fix that empty cake plate. I'm thinking maybe a Sour Cream pound cake later this weekend.

There are friendships.

This design is by The Sampler Girl, The Sunday Peacock sampler and I love it in the kitchen. It's been there since I stitched it about a year ago. In the view below, the Dutch couple is upside down.....LOL

The little churches are cute. This pattern would make a great Dutch sampler if I knew how to design.

This is quite a large old wood bowl I got several years ago at Nora Mills grainary which is local to our area and they have the BEST grits and flour. It's housing all the little hearts right now.

All the hearts remind me of all the sweet stitchy friends I've met through blogland all over the world.

Do you like old fabric finds?  What kinds?
Do you ever just want to start stitching or putting ideas on graph paper?

Let me see what's next to busy myself with.~~~~~~~~~~


  1. I recently found, I'm guessing,
    25-30 of my mother's flour sacks
    she had saved from the depression
    era. I am planning on making a
    lap quilt with them in remembrance
    of her. She was quite the needle
    Bless you,

  2. How cute! I especially love the bowl of hearts! Dang it--now I am inspired to do the same!!Like I don't have enough to do... :)
    Getting ready to make BIG changes in my home! More later in an email.


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