Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When learning to quilt with a new rotary......

~~~Don't pick when your on loopy meds for Shingles or you might do like me and after cutting the wrong square size twice and had an itch, as I was reading I just took the hand WITH THE ROTARY and ALMOST itched my head......that would have been an instant haircut.....I laughed and Bodyguard and I were in the basement cleaning and we couldn't stop laughing at that. I said "I almost scratched my head with this rotary!"  Body Guard went OMG!

He said maybe it might not be a good time to use the new 60mm rotary.

Here are the fabbies though in lovely pinks and a free pattern for it to make a blanket way too big for Abbie but I'm practicing and hope to make her a little quilt. She will be forgiving of errors.........

found this in the basement in a box tucked away......I gave this to Meghan one year and she was working real hard on a pattern. She cross stitched pretty doggone good too.

this is where she got. We both love music and she picked this one out to stitch.
This is a keeper.

and the DMC is going to be sorted in my box!!  A great find!

You just never know what you might unpack in the basement. We've just about got it though and it's looking like a house now......instead of a clutter mess.

BG hopped on the exercise machine after he moved it for the first time in 7 years. I was shocked!

back to this pattern......says it is for beginners......probably healthy beginners, not itching beginners.

here's my first square. Yep, measured wrong. Should have been 2 and 3/4 in and I read 2 and 1/4........oh well, I am practicing.
I know how to half a recipe for less folks to eat but I don't exactly know if I could half a pattern if you want it smaller. ??????

Well, best to get back to the needle and thread.

At least if I want to scratch it won't be like the rotary blade...LOL (I still am laughing at that myself)


  1. Oh my gosh you crack me up, a new part in the hair would be hard to control after stitches.
    The quilt colors are so lovely and vibrant.
    Please post a picture when you are finished.
    The find in the basement is a wonderful find, lucky you.
    Happy summer to you.

  2. Becareful what you use to scratch with... Good thing you caught yourself in time. lol Practice makes perfect so I'm sure by the time you've practiced some you'll have no problem with the quilt. Just keep the rotary out of your hands until meds wear off or you aren't on them anymore. lol Post a picture when you have a finish as I"m sure it will be lovely.

  3. OMG I probably would of done the same thing being on loopy meds!

    That blankie will be adorable!

  4. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Shingles (I hope I never get) can be such a pain!!

    Looking forward to seeing your quilt as you work it up!!!

  5. Oh goodness, don't quilt on meds! LOL I love that quilt pattern and fabrics - anything that has some houndstooth fabric in it is after my heart. Just remember Jen, measure twice, cut once. But don't do it on meds!!! :o)

  6. *hugs*
    sorry to hear that you have shingles that is sucky!

    But I am laughing about being loopy from meds. As I remember that a few months back. it's not cool when you stitch all night and realize that you did it all wrong!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. What a funny story! Such a great find & a real surprise! How is Ren? Hope he is still doing a little better! Looks like someone is going to have a new blanket soon!

  8. I hope you are feeling better soon! Not much fun being ill when there is so much crafting to be done!! I have loved finding your blog and will visit often. Thanks. x


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