Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life Still Goes on....and on and on.....

Watched Titanic tonight instead of going to bed. Life could be worse.
I think I prefer this than falling off a ship anyday. Let's just put it in perspective.
 My thoughts going global right now are probably not a great thing. Trying to get back to some form of normal. I heard someone once say that "normal is just a setting on a dryer". I think about that alot.

We have one of the Labs, Ruby who used to herd Ren in when he went outside like a sheepdog because he could tell he was blind and febile. At the time it was funny. Now it's not. She sits from a distance and watches his grave constantly. Tom sits on the porch and stares at it.
The other Lab, Raven, stays under the house now.
Abbie is jumping and barking at the least little thing, at every dog that is on TV and paces around wondering where Ren went.
It's a zoo here.
Where's the dryer?


  1. Jennifer, Things will get better.. Just takes time for Ren's little friends to adjust. And also for you to heal... Our pets are part of our family... A Family Member.
    I like your title for the post. I have also been watching all the world issues.. Looks Bad... You are in my thoughts...

  2. Your other dogs are noticing sweet Ren's gone, and all of them see the way you're acting, you're sad, they're understanding what happened to him, they're really smart, you need to be careful because they can get depressed (same as the people), they feel what's happening around them, you're the closest people they can see, you're sad and also a "piece" (Ren) is missing...
    I'm with you across the distance <3

  3. It's had for all to adjust after a loss. It is going to take some time for each to mourn in their own way and try to find what is normal again. I know all furballs know how "we" are feeling and they react to that. Take your time, everything will come back around full circle in time. I'm thinking of all of you.

  4. Jennifer, hugs, my thoughts are withyou.

  5. Oh Jennifer, give yourself and your doggies time to grief and heal. You'll all be well and just have great memories of Ren. On the positive side.... I love the new design of your blog.

  6. Jennifer, things will get better slowly. When our dog passed away in Nov., I brought a box of tissues in the car because I was always crying while I was driving. After about 3 weeks, I stopped crying in the car, but I didn't want to take the tissue box away because I thought it would mean I stopped grieving for him. I have never stopped missing him, not for one day, but life does go on.


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