Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coffee, tea, or Me?

Sunday morning, just as it should be, peaceful and drinking tea.........of course accompanied by thee here.

She is doing better, getting used to ALL the attention in the house.

I'm enjoying some Lavender Dream tea from Parsley mixed with Lavender which I had at home in a Dutch Girl jar.

Lavender, by the way is nature's calming herb. I probably should make a bubble bath and soak in it too. (just joking)
Because the lavender seeds are small, they go through my tea cup strainer so for today, I'm using the tea bags. You can find these at any tea store and I'm not sure but probably the grocery stores, the larger ones.

they filter your tea so you don't end up with all kinds of floating leaves. And they are chlorine- free.

well, the old teapot is whistling now.....

Hope your Sunday is going well.

We could have a virtual tea party?  If you like tea, what is your favorite?
Come join me on the back porch........where it's never hot here in the mountains in the shade :)

I'll bring Peach Cobbler and you?


  1. I actually have a lemon pound cake in the oven right now. I'll brew up some of my Chai spice tea and when the cake is done, I'll be right over!

  2. http://www.astitchersheirlooms.blogspot.comJuly 11, 2010 at 1:35 PM


    The coolness of the shade in the mountains, sipping tea and enjoying some of your peach cobbler sounds delightful on a hot summer afternoon.

    I love your "Feathers in the Nest". It takes me to a serene peaceful side of life, where I most yearn to be...with my stitching a a cup of my favorite tea. KathyEllen

  3. I've never had lavender tea, must give it a try. I usually drink green tea or a mild peppermint. Enjoy the day !

  4. I am sitting down with you. Petting Abbie and sipping tea. Today, I too need some calming. I'll have some Jasmine tea mixed with a little white tea.

    I adore cookies so I'll bring some Snickerdoodles or Chocolate chip...or both!

    Thanks for the invite.

  5. That tea looks wonderful! My favorite is chai, or orange spice. Will there be stitching at this virtual tea party? If so, count me in!!!

  6. I'll take the invite you made to join and drink tea, I'll bring my yogurt cake for all, I never tried the lavender tea before, but I bet it smell delicious, hmmmmmmmmm, I usually drink black tea all days, gladly I'll take Abbie also, but I guess you'd be mad at me, LOL, I luv her!

  7. I have some orange passion fruit and jasmine green tea..I have been wanting a blackberry cobbler so I will bring that..Meet you on the porch :-)


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