Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sprucing and cleaning up

The front porch, a forever in need place of sprucing.
Here I put some flowers in the pocket I made this week by the front door.

Hubbie, trying to move our new stash box/armoire I got at auction last night for 75.00. Solid Walnut. This is just the top of it. It has a beveled mirror and the bottom portion which is not in this picture is solid wood walnut drawers.

A new Walmart find to spruce up the porch. A metal chimes with 2 redbirds on top.
Love it!

And some Lemon Balm. It grew about twice as tall this week before I could get it in the pot. So it's definitely a good part-time sun plant. Rub the leaves between your fingers and its LEMONY!

Here's my mint plants growing....another treat too. Low maintenance....actually no maintenance. Comes back year after year in this pot.

My yard helper.

He is so sweet. He came up to me and he and I just brushed our faces together out of pure love.

I love my cat more than I do my allergy!  ;o

Onward now to the ever dwindling "kids stuff" that's been left here and forever in a massive pile soon to be finding new homes. Also in the process of gathering all my older stitching stuff and putting into boxes for giveaway. Stay tuned for updates.

Well, my Pralines Ice Cream break is now over.....back to chores.


  1. Well, I didn't know you had
    a kitty cat. He's precious. :)

  2. Thank you Sandy!!! Yep, he stays outside unless the weather is really cold because me and my hubbie have cat allergies but I love him so. My son brought him home as a boney little, kitten someone left at the trash at McDonalds with a empty can of cat food. I've raised him ever since.
    He is about 5-6 years old now, his name is Thomas.


  3. I would never have guessed Thomas is that old, he looks like such a young guy and very handsome. Your bag with flowers looks so nice.

  4. Your bag looks great !!! I love the antique find ! great price !
    I tried to grow mint a couple of times, does not like to grow in my yard, of maybe it is me. haha Thomas looks like a thomas. So cute !!!

  5. This is a great picture of your bag with the flowers !!! I love it.

  6. The redbird are nice.And your cat is getleman of cats!

  7. My grandmother had lemon balm for years and my cat loves it -- she didn't tend to it after awhile and it's no longer there but sure brings back memories. I had an herb garden that I had planted at home when I was in high school - 17 herbs - I was so proud of that garden. The borage's star flowers were gorgeous.

    Hope your chores are done - that ice cream sounds gooooooood!

  8. Your kitty is adorale. Love the new stash keeper and you got such a good price. Your windchimes are so sweet! I bet you porch is looking great! I love a cozy porch.

  9. Great score on that armoire Jennifer! and all your other finds too - gotta love that Walmart don't you!

  10. love how you finished Sweet Liberty :)


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