Monday, June 21, 2010

Picking up A Tulip for My Love today

This is what I threw in my tote bag today for lunch time stitching.

I already had the top row and part of the first motif completed but I did get a few stitches put in today at lunch.
I miscounted part of the second one and had to frog it and also the top row is about 15 stitches over....I knew it looked long. I got a little off after counting to 200 in a row though ;)

Examplars From the Heart

Tulip For My Love

I love these needles. I honestly can say they are my favorite. The last project's needle had to go. Do you ever get to that point where the needle just has to go?
These have great points and between that and the silk fibers, it has a nice flow to it.
The linen is 32 count natural Belfast ( I think>???)  I will have to back and see what my notes show but it's been so long since I started it, I can't remember. It may be 35 count???........this really has me stumped....anyway....I'll go back and look. The linen called for in the pattern is not made anymore called Fieldstone, so I subbed.

I love the Dutch-Colonial feel of this sampler.

So far I've stitched in hand without a frame but this will be going in the frame soon.

Well, my love will be......ok, I won't say here online.......hehehehehee.....but he will have a birthday....shhhhhhh.....on Wednesday. So far the only thing he has asked for was a colonoscopy this week.....LOL....just joking....well, it is a true statement......but I have to think of something he might like and to me that's harder for men than it is for women.
 Am I the only one like that when it comes to gift-giving???

Hope your day went well today for Monday. Seemed to go by like a blink today for me.
Commuted to work, talked to Vet, bathed 2 doggies and walked. One day I feel the decision is to put Ren to sleep and I think he has given up......then I come home and he starts drinking and eating again and I can't do it. It's a touch and go Summer.

Stepping into yoga pants and sprinting  fast-walking out on the road actually felt good tonight. I don't jog but I can see why people get runner's high afterward!  It's definitely tempting to do as stress relief but I don't think I could make it up and down the hills too well. I think I will stick with stitching and fast-walking.........
till later.....
made the mistake of putting on lipsmacker----with  Peppermint oil and as I am typing Abbie has now tried desparately to lick this off and I guess her lips will swell up.......she is definitely a Lipsmacker girl!

Earlier we had some time together in the rocking chair which is very soothing to them.


  1. Great Start !! I love those colors. Bohin needles are my favorite !!!

  2. I really love that pattern. So cute.

    Well...happy early bday to BG. Yes, gift giving is hard for the men. I think a magazine subscription is good for most guys...Guns and Ammo, 4Wheeler, Military get the idea. Then of course a trip to a tool store where they get to pick out their prize.

    Still holding your hand as Ren I know is on your mind constantly.

  3. those are such great colours! What a lovely start.

  4. I love your new start, it is going to be a pretty one! My mom used to buy birthday presents for my dad, like a table cloth, a knick knack, etc., you know, something she wanted. I always thought that was funny, I wonder what my hubby would do if I gave him something like scissors, linen and thread for his birthday?????? Maybe, I will have to find out someday. LOL

  5. I love the picture of your
    babies in your lap, especially
    the last one where Abbie is
    starting to, so

  6. Wonderful start. I can't wait to see more of this pattern as you work on it.

  7. I really love that one! I get so frustrated with myself when I miscount!

  8. Love your start on your project.
    Happy Birthday to BodyGuard.

    I love the pics of you and the babies in the rocking chair.

  9. I love those Bohin needles. I just wish that they came in petite size!

  10. I love this pattern! And your start is lovely. Happy birthday to your love :)

  11. I love this pattern !! I had never seen it before. The colors are beautiful. I like your doggies too.... cute !!


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