Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday....and things

This week has gone faster than any, I think. I have been extremely busy at work, while overall clinic numbers are down due to the economy, this week I have been quite busy. No complaints though as I'm glad I have a job in this economy.

After work, I've been focusing on relaxing, walking, exercising, reading, and stitching to counteract all the stories I absorb during the day.

Hubbie calls it "doggie daycare" for Ren and Abbie but overall Ren is doing remarkably better and today walking around the house, wagging his tail!!!!   He gets a teeny tiny bit of thyroid medicine once a day.
His appetite is good and on occasion he eats whatever I have too. He is a happy camper.
This morning he went to his potty paper and really, has made a good comeback. Logically, I know he is old but I'm so trying to make him comfortable and part of "the pack" until his time.

On the stitching front, I've picked up to this point on Summer Day 1776. I hope to finish it tonight.
I have been watching the news for the past couple of nights while I stitched the blue water and such an irony as they are speaking about the catastrophe in the Gulf with the oil spill. It's a sad situation that I hope they get it fixed soon.

I remember when I was a wee girl, my parents took us a couple of summers to Panama City Beach and how the water was so different than the east coast. The water was clear and blue.

I haven't been back in probably 30 years and in fact I never even go to the beach on the east coast anymore but the Gulf water was definitely a beauty. My heart goes out to all folks whose livelihood depend on this area. I heard just this morning that there is a hurricane heading that way.  Such a disaster!

Last night we had a wicked, and I mean wicked, lightening storm.

 Body Guard and I drove through it and at one point couldn't even see where we were driving as it was raining so hard. We had been to an auction which are usually a fun thing on Friday nights. On the way back home, we drove through this storm.

Of course I have Onstar in my car and I tried to call him in his truck when I couldn't see (it was night) due to the heavy storming and Onstart kept going "pardon, pardon", "you have too much background noise"
then it said "say help if you need help"  so I screamed "HELP" and it said "pardon?"
Gave up on Onstar as an emergency source in the car!

But we made it back home. I did get an antique maple armoire with a center beveled mirror. I got it for about 1% of it's value....unbelievable. I couldn't have gotten a plastic cabinet at Target or Lowes for that amount.
It's heavy and BG is going back today with a truck to get it. Another stashing spot for me in my sewing area in the basement. When we get it here, I'll take a picture. I didn't have my camera with me last night.
I also got a long black bench with a backing for almost a giveaway and it's in great condition.
No linens really at this auction but overall had a good time.
We usually go 2 or 3 times a year.

Body guard, of course, had his birthday this week but we didn't get to celebrate big but Thursday, I got him this little soapstone coaster for his office at work. He likes it. Its simple and small but it just looked like something he would like.......and I was right!

My friend Dot, let me borrow this book to read. I haven't really read much of it yet, as I have been so busy but it's on my to-read list.
She says its amazingly unreal to read and in relation to our world situations today, very applicable.
She said it explains alot.

Abbie says it's hot here today and she wants to go swimming.

We are getting alot of little trees and brush cleared by a some folks this afternoon so I will definitely be on guard for any snakes this stirs scared of snakes but Oh, so glad to get this area cleared.

Well, onward to housecleaning and decluttering again in the basement. It's a challenge for 2 pack rats to live together.....LOL

till later.....stay cool as you can!



  1. I'm so glad to see you post today. I was a little worried about Ren and hoping BG was okay.

  2. I'm glad to hear that Ren is doing better. I hate driving through fierce storms. Glad you both made it home ok. Congratulations on your auction deals and I'll look forward to seeing the photos.


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