Sunday, June 20, 2010

Abbie's new bikini

It's me, Abigail. Just wanted to show you my new pink, polka dot  bikini!!! My mom is stitching and I'm clinging to her lap. My fur is a little like velcro and I love to cling to warm laps.

It's a bad hair day. The humidity does it every time! Where's my hair-gel?

See, Victoria's Secret is having the semi-annual sale and I couldn't resist this swimsuit.

With a body like this, who couldn't resist wearing a polka dot pink bikini???

I've only eaten one pattern in my whole life!!
Not another one, I promise.......

This one is allllllmost done.......


  1. How adorable!

    Nice progress on your stitching too!

  2. Dear Miss Abbie is just the cutest little thing! What a sweetie-pie. Hope dear Ren is doing better. Sucks getting old.

    Love the patriotic stitch you're working on too!

  3. Oh Abby - I feel your pain -humidity does a number on my hair too- LOL --your outfit is so cute. Too bad I dont' have the body for a bikini anymore -- stay cool!

  4. OMG toooo cute! She is a hottie patottie!


  5. Love it! You've got the body for it Abbie :)

  6. She is sooo cute!! Not spoiled one bit, either ;-)

    How is Ren doing today?

    Your home is just gorgeous (the picture in your blog header). Me and my DH would love to live in the woods like that! Maybe someday...sigh...


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