Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our narrow paths on the journey

Sometimes on my journey in life the paths get narrow. I know others have gone before me and taken this path and some choose not to. Others have also experienced losing their family and friends while on the journey as they got side-tracked with things they thought were more important.

I know these narrow paths usually end at some point and open up to blue skies and then when I look behind me I wonder how I ever got through it. But thankful, oh so thankful for the wisdom to keep going and in the process I can be thankful for meeting the most influential people who share a part of themselves with me.

There are some prominent people in each of our lives that usually come and go but really made an impression at a time of narrow path-winding. At the time, they meet up with us, and help us as we travel down it.
I can think of 3 influential people in my life that came at turning points. Real turning points.

To keep their names private I will not list her name but one I dreamt about last night. I haven't seen her in a long time so I don't know what the idea was all about in my head but in the dream, I ran across her as I walked through this huge, huge city on foot. I rested at her house.  The dream ended with her holding my face and saying, "you're going to be just fine. You are." and I felt so much peace when awakening. Maybe it was the fact I saw her again and she represents healing. Maybe it was the fact that those words came from her and I have so much respect for her, they felt like a warm fuzzy blanket. Maybe it was she who knew me most in my whole life and accepted me as I was at the time. She didn't enable me to get through it, she showed me how so I could use the information also at future turning points. She helped me help myself.

Funny how some people influence our lives forever. Their words of wisdom through these narrow parts of our  journey help in future narrow paths.
Today, I'm going to write her a letter and thank her again for being there and making such an influence in the direction my life took. I think when people are that influential they need to know because there is no comfort like knowing that just because you exist, you helped one person through a narrow path.
I miss her and I'm sure our paths will never cross again but she will be in my heart forever.

At our wedding she gave me this hand-made pottery bowl and I loved the colors, she knew.
I remember after the wedding we opened this gift and she said, " look, look in the bottom....do you see the heart. It looks almost like a heart!" I was so thankful for this gift and told her I loved it and it has resided over our fireplace since that time.

So for today, think of one of those 3 most influential persons that walked with you at some very narrow point in life, and write them a hand-written letter thanking them for the direction they gave you.

Onward to writing that letter................


  1. I did this once for my highschool music teacher. It meant so much to him.

    This is good therapy Jennifer but also it will mean so much to the recipient of the letter. You will surely bless them.

  2. I had an Uncle who passed away five years ago. He was one of those three important people who come into your life. We had a wonderful, very tearful conversations just before he passed away. I miss him every day of my life. But I am so thankful for the love and for the happiness and for the inspiration he brought to my life.

  3. Wow Jen! How cool!

  4. I have had the chance to tell some of the people who meant something to me during my life how much they impacted me. It is as much a gift to tell someone as it is for them to hear it.

  5. What a beautiful post! I do hope that wonderful person in your life was able to read it. You both are truely blest.


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