Sunday, May 16, 2010

The analogy of my next up coming project

 Earlier I wrote about kitting up a new project. It's called With My Needle by Beth Twist. You probably can see why I liked it so much. It has Abigail in it.

So, several months back, Heidi and I exchanged some overdyeds for this used pattern. She sweetly sent this postcard with it from Holland.

She had stitched this and I saw it on her blog and it was awesome!

My fabric I'm using is Creek Bed Brown R and R and it's loaded into the Needlework frame. The piece is actually a large remnant of another project. Otherwise, I had planned to tea -stain (would be my first attempt at tea-staining) some 32 ct cream linen.
This will make a nice 9 x 10 sampler in the colors I  would love to put in a bedroom.

I picked these 3 colors but I'm still leaning to a darker green shade. The fabric is a bit dark already so I will have to see on that one.

I'm not sure if this one is still available by Beth Twist, Heartstring Samplery but I'm so thankful for Heidi sending me this pattern all the way from Holland!

It's a small world afterall.


  1. It is a lovely pattern!

    I love your background!!

  2. thanks for the additional information on the Heartstrings Samplary...I found it on line and will be ordering soon! Pretty stitching you did on this pattern.

  3. Thanks Jules!

    Sherry, you're welcome anytime. I did need to clarify it a bit to give the designer credit. Thanks.
    I hope to finish up the Letters to Anne one by tomorrow.


  4. I LOVE Beth's designs!!!



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