Monday, May 17, 2010

A nice meal for two different appetites

My version of the French Country Salad
and Hot chicken wings (easy Walmart brand)

I use a blend of different greens, lettuce, spinach leaves for this and just put in the bottom of a big wooden salad bowl

then get 4 eggs bowling slowly so that the shells will not crack.

Did I mention this is definitely a multi-tasking meal?

But it's definitely worth it, I promise!

pull out of the refrigerator, some Feta cheese. I like this one with garlic and herb.
In our little town, it took about 2 trips to different places to find Feta cheese. BG and I walked around Walmart for at least 30 minutes before we found this. I like the word "natural Feta" too. Is that instead of fake Feta?  :0

Then, grab a bottle of Raspberry Vinaigrette dresssing. You could possibly have your favorite recipe of making the dressing but I find it easier and tastes pretty good, to get a bottle already made.
It's best at room temp, warm, and clear and shaken well. This bottle has been in the refrigerator so that's why it looks like this.

Then, I like to get some heavy, peppered, thick bacon and cut into two sections. It's a surgical thing or something.  ;)

Place the thick peppered bacon on another burner and cook slowly until crisp and then drain.
Cook plenty extra at our house for Ren to have some treats later.
He is usually pacing the floor and constantly bumping in and off our kitchen cabinets while the stove is on, almost like a pinball machine.

I love the pepper in this bacon. Thin bacon is just not the same.
Don't worry about your cholesterol until tomorrow....I think that's what Scarlett said.

Speaking of temper, preheat your oven and put in a bag of hot chicken wings. I use the plain Walmart off brand and they are good!
Mistake I made was putting baking paper on the bottom....definitely not suggested because they stuck to the bottom too much. We peeled paper off our chicken wings. Live and learn right? It's great for cookies, not for wings.

Not that you would need another project going in coordination, but then get about a cup and 1/2 of pecan halves and crush them in a clear bag, or you could buy them already chopped up but that is more expensive.
Besides, it's therapeutic to put them in a large closed freezer bag and beat them alot with the end of a knife sharpener.  I know that sounds weird but ours is pretty large so it has a dual purpose.

Then put them to the side.
The eggs should be almost done at this point. So take them off the stove, and run cold water over them, peel them and set aside.

Then next wash and peel 3 large apples, green or red or both.

I don't have a food processor but I just chop them up by hand.
The bacon should be done and drained by now.

Now your ready to go.
I put the whole pack of Feta cheese in first on top of the greens.

Then add the plate of chopped eggs and pecans. I chopped the pecans pretty large. Just adjust to your palate. I like texture.

Then add chunks of the cooked peppered bacon.
This is getting yummy!

Then add about half this bottle of dressing all over the mixture.

Then add the apples and toss and toss. Eat immediately with your meal.

The wings are done and cooling on a plate.

Then you have a meal that pleases two different sides of the guns and roses. That's me and my hubbie. Opposites definitely attract.
I can make a meal of just the salad. Body Guard likes more of the hot wings and less salad.
Add a bread of choice and this really is a good combo for a meal for this time of year.

The inspiration for the salad came after eating at one of my favorite restaurants near us for years; however, the price is way too high. So, I mentally made notes of the ingredients and tried to adapt.
Their's the French Country salad.
The only ingredient they add that I don't is onions and that's just preference as I don't particularly lke raw onions....ok, let's say I REALLY don't like raw onions. And they also use walnuts instead of pecans. Either are very tasty.

So, that's it. Pretty much a good healthy...hmmmm....hmmm.. meal (minus the bacon)
The salad will serve 5 folks probably. We always have leftovers.


  1. Yum-O! I don't like onions either. Food that stays with me via breath or burp are not on my list! ;-P

  2. The salad sounds so good, have to give it a try.

  3. You might already know this one... But a little bit of vinegar in with the water for your eggs will keep them from cracking while they boil. I had quite a few destroyed or funky looking eggs before I started dumping the vinegar in... Now they all come out perfect :)

  4. Sounds really good, I need to try it.

  5. Your salad looks absolutely delicious! I think I will give it a try =) Okay, next time you cook on the parchment, spray it with cooking spray and it will work just fine. You can also bake your bacon for 20 minutes at 400 degrees, take it out of the oven and bake your wings. Much less of a greasy mess =) Wow, I'm full of it today aren't I?

  6. Your salad looks absolutely yummy! I'll have to try it.

    Speaking of trying, have you tried Wysong's Au Jus canned meats for Ren? When my Lhasa was getting a home cooked diet, it was a life saver when I was to tired to cook or out of home cooked rabbit for him. Great stuff and he loved both the rabbit and venison varieties.

  7. Parchment paper is a miracle and makes clean-up divine! If it sticks, I've never had it happen, spray it lightly with cooking spray first. I never, ever cook without it. I'm going to make your salad tonight for supper. Thanks. (But I'll pass on the wings!)

  8. Well, This looks absolutely fabulous! (Darn! I just realized I'm hungry!)

    Thanks for visiting Brynwood, joining my friends, and adding my blog to your blog roll. I'll do my best to be worthy, new friend.

    I've joined your friends list, too and can't wait to come back and explore.



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