Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Mauve red or a deep red?

A mauve red or a deep dark red thread?

I'm going to frame this piece most likely....yes I'm fickle.
And in doing so, will use some small cuts of this fabric I got in Boston to complement it.
Therefore at 2am, when everyone else in the world is asleep but me,
I'm deciding on colors.
Strange I know.
I may just stitch with combining a thread of each color and see how that looks.......
tomorrow....or this morning.....or whatever it is now.
Good night/morning.


  1. I think the mauve red goes better with what you've already stitched, and the fabric you show.

    I am my most creative after everyone has gone off to bed. Its quiet. No one is interruptng me, and it is too late to run errands or cook.

  2. Very profound considering your posts earlier this week. I love it! Oh, and the deeper color contrasts well, but it would be neat to see them combined. Have fun!

  3. I agree with SilkLover. the mauve is a better choice the other red is too bold with the fabric and the color used in the stitchery.

    Happy Stitching!

  4. I'm so behind in my blog reading, so you've probably already made your choice. Even so, I just wanted to say that I also agree the mauve red is the best choice.
    Barb in TX


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