Friday, May 21, 2010

Started new sampler--With My Needle

With My Needle Progress, design by Heartstring Samplery, Beth Twist

Love this color I'm working with, DMC 300. I'm using R &R Creekside brown a perfect remnant piece I had in my stash from finishing LHN Heart of America this past year.

Scissors and threadholder I got in the mail yesterday from Jennifer H!

The messy desk I put it upon for a very own. Whoever said a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind means I'm one creative spirit.

And for Thrifty Thursday which I missed yesterday on Midrin and Phenergan, I would have put this item on if I rememberd. Found it last week.
I got.....50 inch x 56 inch wool fabric in a beautifull teal, beige and gold, for one dollar....yep one dollar.
I got this fringe for something else and honestly have never sewn fringe like this on material before so I figured I could try it on this material and if I'm lucky, I may have a throw for a bedroom.....if not.....well, Abbie will have a nice new blankie....LOL
Honestly, I asked the lady, "Are you sure all of this fabric is 1.00?" She said "yep". So I picked it up right away.

My first attempt at making/ personalizing a piece of jewelry, an 18 inch necklace, silvertone.
I did this diddy tonight after work and it was much easier than I thought.
I picked out the beads and spacers from a place on our last road trip and kept putting it off to put together but I like how it looks!

Whatcha think?

My hands never stay idle. But never, say never.  I'll say,  most of the time. ;)


  1. I really like your sampler. I think I'll look at that chart. It looks like something I would like. I also like your necklace.

  2. I love the necklace..very cute. Also great deal on the fabric. The trim is the perfect thing for it. Good luck on the throw!

  3. I like your necklace. It is the latest fashion


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