Saturday, May 1, 2010

30 days hath Sept, April, June and November........

Yep, this morning I woke up 10 hours later and slept GOOOOOD last night. I was actually falling asleep holding this in my hand. I've never fell asleep with a needle in my hand before.

I had to stop and think about todays' date and it's May 1st......May Day.

I hope to finish up this little piece into a pillowkeep today, along with a bunch of other things on my to-do list.  I'm stitching this piece on a remnant of 30 Ct Creek Bed Brown R & R linen. Fibers are Crescent colors silks, and Weeks Dye.

I've got to put the vase of tulips here and then sew it up!

This is a freebie on Primitive Betty's Blog site. Pop over there. She has some cute freebies!

She has one I want to stitch up to be a companion pillowkeep called Tulip Time. This will look good in our Dutch colonial home.

Speaking of home, here's' Miss Abbie first thing in the morning. Picture taking is better when she first gets up. She's is my lump of sugar. My stitching buddy and is forever herding in Ren when he goes the wrong way.
I guess she is now the "seeing eye dog" for Ren.
I think that as she has matured she finally figured out he can't see and is old. She's much better with him now.
On May 7th, Abigail will be 8 months old.

Enjoy your May Day!



  1. A good night's sleep does a soul wonders!!

    How sweet that Abbie is helping Ren!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Glad you slept well, I love these primitive quick stitches! Not only are they fun to stitch, but they look great,as well!!

    Abbie is so sweet!! Enjoy your time with her, Jenn!

  3. Abbie is PRECIOUS!! Love it that she is taking care of Mr Ren. How sweet is that! Happy May day and happy stitching to you too! :)

  4. How sweet of Abbie to help out Ren! I also adore your May Day design. I think I might just pop on over to Primitive Betty's afterall!

    Happy May Day to you and yours!

  5. Sleeping is a wonderful thing, my DH often snores, he dose not read this so I can say it LOL Antway I lose sleep somenights poking him LOL He never gets mad just rolls to the other side. Breath right strips I wish he would try them LOL

    Abby is a sweetie nice to hear she is being gentle to Ren.


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