Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dabbling in little projects this weekend

I had plans to start a big project and then it dawned on me a couple of little May projects I wanted to stitch.
So, I pulled some colors for this May Day one from Betty's blog as it's a freebie and I had an itching to use silk floss. The fabric is a remnant of 30 ct Creek Bed Brown.
My basket is empty for the Spring so I started this one watching the move Pretty Woman for the 25th time. I love that movie. It has a good happy ending.

And I've had this one for a while and now is the time for thinking of Mother's Day. I plan to stitch this for my mother. She has 3 cats so it's very fitting. I think she would like it.
So, another small.

This goes to show that my mind changes quite rapidly and I go with the flow on stitching. What I feel inspired at the moment to do.

I have another one Litttle House Needleworks, Always and Forever that I have to finish. It's a monochromatic piece that is flowing well. I actually have it tucked into my car for lunch stitching if I have the time.

All in all, much to busy me. I can't believe it's almost May.

I definitely have the fabs to back these as well, buttons included and I can't wait to finish them.

Well, best get to bed and ready myself for a Monday. This weekend was a stressful one with my stomach issues but it's getting much better and I'm getting back on track.

Thanks for all the comments. I do so love them!



  1. This looks so good! I would love to own both of these, myself! What a luxurious idea--stitching them in linen!

  2. I like your choice in projects! Can't wait to see the finished items. :)


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