Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I finally got to the mail from the past 2 weeks......

There are days when opening the mail is like filling up the trash with alot of junk. I try to sort it out as I go and not let it pile up but in the last 2 weeks I have successfully piled quite a bit. So, tonight and tomorrow I am going through mail and boxes and so forth so we can see the kitchen again.

 a collection of packages that need to go to the basement

And the post man probably thinks we are nuts by now with the mail.  I prefer stitching patterns and goodies to this but somehow this ends up in the pile to read and toss.  This may have something to do with why both the kids didn't get STDS in their teens....LOL

more clinical stuff

Oh cool!  A pattern I ordered from Liberty Primitives. I love ordering there.

Liberty Primitives always has great freebies, beautifully packaged and so neat. I love this tag.

And then the Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, this research periodical keeps insomnia at bay! LOL

Goody!  My Southern Living magazine came too!!!  I like it better.

This pattern from Examplers from the Heart really touched me and this is one of the patterns I got from Liberty Prim too.

along with a retired pattern from The Sampler Girl I had to get. It's so cute!

And a special surprise from Josie in Canada to me of the Footprints in the Sand. It means so much Josie, I love it!  Thank you so much!!!
I instantly thought of how great this would look stitched in our waiting room where Elizabeth worked with us.
Oh, how precious.

And my bi-yearly Contraceptive Technology book that is a great reference.

And I was most giddy to see this one in the mail. A new Jane Austen design by Tanya, I'd Rather Be at Pemberley, and the 2 fat quarters to finish it with.  LOVE IT!  I think of all the times I would rather be at Pemberley....LOL

And this one I get because I'm alumni from the Medical College of Georgia, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
back and this issue is a keeper.

It has the whole history of the Children's Medical Center development in it and I was a part of that history between 1989-1991. I worked as a Hematology Oncology Pediatric Nurse and also in the Neonatal unit.
Stress. Very stressful but rewarding job to see children get better from some serious illnesses and cancers.

And I really got giddy when I saw this pic in it

This man is  the Attending physician who took care of Meghan when I was in premature labor with her for about 6 weeks and then the 3 months afterward when she was in an incubator/ventilator as she was born at 29 weeks. Dr. Kanto.  A very fine physician with alot of character, sincereness, knowledge and a sensitive bedside manner that I will never ever forget. Without him, my daughter would not be here.
He was with me during my 21st week of pregnancy when I was already in the hospital for premature labor and we had to make an ethical decision on what to do if Meghan was born that early.
Times have changed with newer medications now but back then lungs were very immature and survival at that age was very low. I went on complete bedrest, took meds that made me shake so bad I couldn't hold a fork, had to take them every 2 hours around the clock.
 Dr. Kanto was a nice man who helped us understand the whole process of deciding when intubation would be decided when that time came.
Fortunately, with alot of medicine, prayer and bedrest, he helped me not deliver her until 29 weeks when her lungs were more mature but still had to go on a ventilator for a couple of months.
He also repaired a tiny hole in her heart.
He sat by my bed and listened.
He always kept us up to date on her condition even after I came home and went back every night to scrub in and hold her tiny little hand.
He was a great teacher and leader and I will never forget the part he had in building the new Children's Medical Center there. After she turned 1, I began working again with him in the unit and again, he was a great physician that made an impact on many many children with issues. I participated in the Telethons yearly to raise money for a separate Children's Hospital.
We were truly blessed with Meghan as she didn't have all the developmental delays that they thought. She was a tough cookie and now smartest in her class.

I wish he could see her now!

Yep, that piece of mail is definitely a keeper.


  1. Hi Jennifer! How do you work and keep all this stitching going so fast? It is amazing. If I bought all these patterns it would take me too long to get to them. I am on a no buy binge again for a while. I wish I had more hours in my day but they need to be ones I am energetic and ready to stitch or quilt. :-) Glad you got the pattern in the post and hope you have as much fun stitching it as I did. Now I love seeing it as part of my sampler wall. My sampler wall is moving house late in the year. It will be fun to see how I want to use things in the new house.

    Good luck in my giveaway...

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. I never sleep usually LOL

    No honestly I don't know how either. Life just moves me along.
    I have definitely slowed down on the stashing now for the year......hopefully.
    My stash will be threads most likely or some linens maybe but I have enough patterns until the nursing home...LOL


  3. what exactly do you do? I'm interested because I am looking into that field...

  4. your welcome....I knew you would love the pattern better there than just sitting in my closet.

    Josie.(from Canada)

  5. Lovely mail! I shouldn't have any problems staying awake today!! Just a thought--one of my GA ancestors went to MCG or was a founding father... I forget now. Last name Battey. I have to ponder this...


  6. Courtney,

    I'm a women's health nurse practitioner in a private practice.
    It's a specialty practice for women's health/GYN/OB.
    I will have to say that since 1981 when I first became a "sitter" and cleaned bedpans to then a nursing assistant to an RN and then a few years down the road and NP it is a rewarding career but the ethics of it in the medical field has faded for many practices and hospitals and now its all about business.
    This saddens me alot but our world is what it is now.



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