Monday, April 26, 2010

Progress on Always and Forever

lunch time, in the car, stitching progress.......

Just need to work the border tonight and then it's done.

Oops, forgot the initials and dates too.

Just went to the Mexican restaurant after work and had a wonderful meal and now Miss Abbie is demanding time spent throwing her bear toy so that she can retrieve it at least 25 times.

She 's so sweeeeet!

I put a little of that Amazing Grace lotion on her after work, on her ears, where her hair is wild and now she smells sooooo sweet.

Tonight is one of the last fireplace nights. It's cool and misty rain outside a bit. Perfect for the fire.

And stay tuned because there is scheduled an undercover BEAR trapment at our house tonight between 9:30p and 11p because last night he/she was so huge, at least 7 foot and banging loudly on our trash can.
We have a swat team of folks participating in the bear trap tonight.  Oh, my lands, as my friend  Dot would say!

So, I best get the house somewhat clean in case the bear crew decides to come in for a drink or for the bathroom.........I'll be watching TV and stitching hopefully.

I have requested by the way, a picture for the blog while the bear is standing and on all fours; however Body guard said " I can't promise that.".....he's a man of few words.....LOL


  1. Always and Forever is coming along beautifully!

    I hope BG stays safe during the stakeout.

  2. I love that little piece! I was lucky to find it on the $1 table at my local LNS last Saturday!! I grabbed it in a hurry since I have seen how cute yours is!

    Good luck with the bear!! I'm used to them as they are all around where I grew up. I actually have a picture from years ago of one standing - they can be impressive!


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