Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Black and White

Oh, wait .......what do my sleepy eyes see? Is it bear? 
No, just Ruby and Raven resting and wallowing in the dirt but they are looking up the road for one.

The huge black bear our two neighbors saw for (they tell me last night) 6 nights in a row and stands at about 6-7 foot, didn't show up last night when of course there were cameras and men and guns hiding in the bushes.
So, we'll see what tonight brings. Fun for men. Not me, my hiney stays in the house.
Ruby and Raven are the closest thing to a black furry animal I want to be near.
I can't decide if snakes or bears are worse.

Here's a little white thing in the day, She's my sugar.

She's the opposite in the morning. She's initially sweet and rolls over and gets a belly rub then, Whoosh.......she runs to the treat jar after she shows me she can wee on the correct spot, the potty paper. She's figured me out. Smart, vivacious Miss Abby. Her fave blanket gets taken all over the house.
I tell BG that I'm going to spray some Pledge on it and let her slide all over the floors and then they will be clean!  : O
I love her lots.
Ren is sleeping, I'm having some Teavana tea and it's a beautiful bright sunny cool morning here in the mountains.

I love quiet.
I'm feeling better today and hope to get some cleaning done. But it's so pretty outside......and I also think it's time to plant those lavender seeds in my bucket out in the sun near BG's workshop. I think the frost fear has past.

And tonight I hope to get a pic of Abbie in her new pink stroller as we are starting back walking again.
I hope she likes it and doesn't bark the entire way as if she were a big dog.
Right now she is chasing that big furry tail as if it were her only toy.......LOL

As I get older, I live by lists. The senior mind is fading so I have a journal book with me to jot down all my daily want to do's and need to do's. I best get busy.

Till later,


  1. Not feeling much like blogging today but wanted to comment on yours. After putting Henry to sleep, our family left town to get away from the memory for a little while. (It didn't help much.)

    I did find a Tevana store about 2 hours away. I went there. Seriously needed something mentally soothing and tea was it.

    I got the perfect tea cup maker and a glass mug, instead of an infuser cup. (Later on that)

    I got Morning Mate, Strawberry Kiwi, and Jasmine Oolong teas.

    Expensive purchase but I was feeling empty and needed something.

  2. Parsley, my hubbie and I were thinking about you all evening last night. I don't know what to say but I know it has to be the hardest thing in the world and me, right now, looking at Ren, I can see one day I may have to be in the same shoes.
    I'm glad you found Teavana, in fact, I was thinking of ordering something special for you to help you, comfort you in some way.
    I wish we lived closer and we could share a cup of tea together....maybe one day.


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