Friday, April 30, 2010

long day and relaxing counterparts.........

On a Friday like today I have to wonder if it's full moon.

The day started out with sleeping an hour late and rushing like crazy down the highway to work to make up for it.

Then, spilled boiling hot coffee all over me and my hand that already was hurting.
Then a perpetual day of solving problems, in 15 minute increments.

But, I took the long ride home. The scenic route to de-wind.

Too tired to cook or even get back in the car to get something at a restaurant, I fixed this meal:

A large can of  Chef Boy R D Raveoli was in the pantry and I just popped it in the oven with cheese to melt and Body Guard was happy as a lark and it was even tasty. Cheese makes anything better.
Not too healthy but tasty enough.

While cooking this fancy meal, I lit this oh-so-awesome candle

and added a glass of red wine

and gave Abbie her favorite treat after lots of loves and kisses

And then watching Miss Abbie sit on my new finish in anticipation for another stroller ride.

Nope, Abbie, not tonight....too tired.

But BG was outside so she wanted to go too.

Oh, Abbie please let me relax. Today was one long, busy day.

But then again, after our Chef-Boy  R D supper,
I've got a new wind.....and thinking about my next stitching project.

Thank goodness for balance. For surrounding our lives with relaxing elements like our pets, simple food, a great candle,  our partner, and our stitching. Something to relax each one of our senses.

Thank you God.

Taking a deep breath and going through my stash to see what I can get into next! ; )

Till later,


  1. I think there was a full moon a couple days ago, Jen. They call it the Pink Moon of all things (makes me think of someone mooning - LOL). Relax and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Now that's what I call an interesting twist to an old favorite! I may have to try that sometime.

  3. Enjoy your evening. I may actually do some stitching this weekend. Therapy. I lift cup to you my friend and say..'Have a happy weekend!'

  4. Sounds like you had a much better ending to your day! Here's to a wonderful weekend! Cheers!


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